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  1. Time to bring this topic back up again. With the addition of the Falklands, having a "full size" rocket pod would be very fitting. One of the main weapons used by Harrier GR.3s during the conflict was the 2 inch RP. Now, the 2.75" Hydra is not a 2" RP, the AV-8B is not a Harrier GR.3, but in the interest of running the same kind of missions with a rather similar aircraft, having 19 round Hydra pods would be very pleasing. 14 Hydra rockets in LAU-68s is just not giving the right kick, Zunis are fun, but not the same. So once again, the AV-8B is cleared for LAU-61s filled with 2.75" Hydras as I stated in the original post. I know the loadout is not used by the USMC on Harriers, but neither are the Zunis or the AGM-65F. So for the sake of the Falklands missions, pretty please?
  2. I can not see anything that would be out of place. But for future reference, you do actually need to have the parking brake engaged. There is a microswitch that the parking brake triggers when engaged, that allows the INS to start aligning.
  3. I have had this happen when I bungled the checklist order regarding the electrical panel. No clue on exactly what I did to get there, but I solved the problem at that point in time by cycling the generators. So if you end up in the same situation again, try cycling the generators.
  4. Even the GR5 has a british-specific EW system. I don't know if it is the same as the Zeus system on the GR7/9, but look at pictures of the GR5 and you can see an extra bulge under the nose.
  5. I see absolutely no flaws in this theory. 1000% sound!
  6. It is a shadow behind the armour plating that is painted onto the livery. As you have noted, most liveries have them.
  7. A Thud is one of the aircraft I would like the most for DCS. An aircraft that went into combat so hard and so long that half the fleet was lost. Who would not want something like that simulated? Especially since in many ways it is a 20 year older Viggen, with all the quirks that come with trying to cram as much brand new technology as possible into the airframe. The Phantom may be the well known Vietnam era aircraft, but the Thud carried the torch for many years before the Phantom started bombing.
  8. Screw it. I uploaded the livery so that anybody can enjoy it. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3319642/ Here you go, @Jester986
  9. I have made one that I haven't uploaded due to changes to come in the paint kit, as well as the lack of fuel tanks and pylons in the paint kit which just makes it look hideous. But I can give you a link to it so you can use it for yourself. *edit* Here is a picture of it.
  10. The AV-8B has two ways to perform LST. Either through the DMT, which is reached by pressing sensor select down. This much you know. The second way is via the Litening. This is done via the OSBs when the TPOD is active on a screen, or via the sensor select... I want to say left long(?) when the TPOD is selected sensor. It has been a while since I flew with a TPOD, but you can activate it via the HOTAS, you just need to already be controlling the TPOD.
  11. I don't think we ever had 19-rounders with APKWS, since I think the LAU-3 isn't cleared for the modern Mk66 engine, but I might be mixing that up with helicopter pods. But yes, the LAU-61 would most probably be cleared for use with the APKWS, which I really doubt would be carried due to the missions APKWS have been used for. But if it is cleared it would be an option to add.
  12. A full fidelity Su-25 is my most wanted module. It is at least as iconic as the A-10, but coming from the other side of the iron curtain, it might not be the most popular among western aviation enthusiasts. It would never sell as well as the A-10, but it would most probably come close. Depending on version it could actually be a real possibility. An Su-25A would definitely be possible to make a full fidelity version of. Just my thoughts on the matter.
  13. Now that it appears mission makers will have the ability to limit loadouts as was shown the the Viper update, I see no reason not to add the LAU-61s. People who are vehmently against anything that the USMC doesn't actively carry can limit the loadouts, whereas people who want to use the module for more than "Afghanistan hut bombing" will have the option of a serious rocket loadout to use. I see nothing bad, but others can enlighten me if there is something obvious I have missed.
  14. A while back, the LAU-3 filled with old FFAR rockets (Mk 40 engines) were removed from the Harrier. Completely valid, but still confusing since some premade payloads still have them included. But that raises the question, is there an alternative? Right now, the only rockets still left are the LAU-68 pods with the modern 2.75" rockets (Mk 60 engines). So can these be filled into a 19 round pod? Yes, the LAU-61. The LAU-61 is a valid loadout according to the AV-8B TAC-050 from 1996. It is mentioned in conjuction with the 7 round LAU-68. Now according to Razbams SME, they were never used. Understandable since the focus of the USMC has been more on bombs than anything. But for the case of DCS, having that option would be good. It provides options. This is not a bug so I am not writing it as a bug report, but more as a request. Said request would be: The addition of LAU-61 19 round rocket pods, firing the more moden 2.75" Hydra rockets. Models already exist and are used on the F/A-18 Hornet. Completely within reason as long as the LAU-68 still is allowed on the plane. Source is A1-AV8BB-TAC-050 1996 edition. Section 2.8 mentions rocket types and pods. Section 5, figure 5-3, sheet 44 & 45 covers loading limitations of both pods.
  15. Marsvinet


    Only the USAF adopted the CBU-97/105, which also leads to that (as far as I know) the Navy/Marines planes aren't certified to carry and drop the bombs. So no chance for those bombs to appear on the Harrier, or the F-18 for that matter. About the rockeyes, they can be finicky, but they can definitely kill heavier armored vehicles. I recommend you to start a mission with unlimited ammo and then for you to experiment with different release parameters. Tanks like the T-90 generally requires 2 bombs kill, but it is very much possible. Try dives around 30-40 degrees, In think that's where I have found success.
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