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  1. The SLAM wasn’t designed to hunt vehicles but high value structures. Keep in mind that GPS signal is something vulnerable. Those weapons were designed to be used against the USSR, not only against Saddam’s Iraq.
  2. Stop trying to keep the bandit in your HUD and fly the plane. You only need the bandit to stay one second in your HUD to score the kill. You're complaining about the easy planes being easy to fly while the F-14 is difficult to fly. All of this is realistic. And despite being the most difficult to learn, the F-14 is also the very best in close air combat. Just come back to basics and it will make you even more proficient with the F-15, F-16, F-18, SU-27/33, Mig-29, Mirage 2000. Because in those planes, a good Tomcat pilot will beat any single simmer on earth, except another good Tomcat pilot flying a Tomcat.
  3. That's exactly what's Jester made for. Because there's no other way to simulate a RIO without a second player.
  4. Could you please explain the problem with DCS night lighting?
  5. How the hell did a topic about the MLC filter management lead you to discuss the intercept geometry? You’re all answering my request as if we already had a proper contact to track, which is off the point. If you fly online without a human RIO, you can’t manage your MLC filter like you can in single player, from the rear cockpit. That’s why I posted that request. If you’re able to define an intercept geometry for a contact you know nothing about, it’s cool for me. But I prefer detecting it before. That’s why the MLC switch has 3 positions. And that’s why I’d like to be able to use them from the pilot’s seat.
  6. C’mon, that’s a serious topic. Engineers didn’t create that 3-positions switch for RIOs to experience ground clutter and simmers to sneer. It’s the only answer to some of us unable to detect a KC-135 30 miles away flying at the same altitude as them...
  7. MLC filter management is not useful only when something is locked. You also may turn it off in some situations in order to detect something.
  8. Please HB, could we have a Jester functionality to manage the AWG-9 MLC filter from the front seat, so we can avoid some contact & lock losses?
  9. I think we need the Jester functionality to manage the MLC filter.
  10. Sure but here is the place where I told, as a bitter feedback to the latest patch, that missilery was broken and got an upset answer for not documenting my words. I just notice that when documenting, I get no more answer. Anger sometimes collects more feedback than facts, as Cop wisely noticed previously
  11. I wonder why my documented feedback about the missiles’ systematic lag trajectory under the plane’s guidance has no feedback.
  12. And what about the AIM-54’s lag trajectory during its guidance by the AWG-9 ? I showed it previously here in TWS > 10 nm. It’s also the way it goes in PDSTT >10 nm. And the problem is not during the transition to pitbull.
  13. Well, ok, you know better. Lase for 20 sec or more and the GBU-24 will hit consistently in DCS.
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