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  1. This is what I am looking for. Thanks a lot! I already did the latter in my current script. I wrapped each mission in a function and called it when needed. The problem here is, the script gets terribly long because I scripted like 10 mission into it. So, I would like to avoid losing myself in one single file. That's even more simple! Sure, sometimes you are just blind for the simple stuff! Thanks a lot!
  2. Gents, I kindly ask for your help here. I am looking for a command via mist or moose or dcs core script to run a script file when something happens. I have a script that will run some missions randomly when a helicopter lands into a FARP. Everything fine so far, but for simplicity reasons I rather would like to script something like: If helo lands at FARP - do script file (mission 1) I really can't find the lua command for 'do script file'. Thanks in advance!
  3. "De-was" mal die gun oder "was" mal eine andere Waffe und dann wieder die gun. Hatte das Problem auch schon öfter.
  4. Thank you very much! I had the very same problems. And guess on what Mainboard I am... So you just boosted the fan speed?
  5. Ja, das stimmt. Aber wie du schon sagst, mit etwas Übung geht das recht gut. Ich kann wirklich empfehlen, mit verschiedenen Zoomstufe zu üben. Es gab zuletzt ein recht anschauliches Video von Casmo dazu:
  6. Arbeite mit den zoom Stufen und dem LMC (linear motion Compensator) am left hand grip vom TEDAC. Grob ins Ziel gehen mit der niedrigsten Zoomstufe, dann LMC aktivieren, ausrichten, fertig. Solange dein Pilot einigermaßen koordiniert fliegt, bleibt dein TADS auf dem Ziel. Laser an und fertig
  7. So, simply uninstall everything, run a repair (long version) and restart your pc. Then install wmr again and follow the instructions given on the first page of this topic word by word. Maybe restart your pc once you've installed wmr again (can't remember if I did that).
  8. Jeez, I have just read my post again. Sorry for the bad typo. But you got the point...
  9. What worked for me was to deinstalle WMR and everything correspondigly (OXRDT, OXRTK, dcs clean repair) and reinstall everything.
  10. Just copy and paste the three files over to your bin again and you should be fine.
  11. I really don't know. I just assumed since I have 32 GB to set the page file accordingly. I now have set it to 16gb and tried a quick flight of around 30mins yesterday. So no reliable test on my side. I'll try to fly a longer mission today and will see what happens.
  12. Versuche mal, die Texturen auf Medium zu stellen. Das hats bei mir getan. Selbst im Apache gehen nun 30 FPS mit repro low level über Incirlik.
  13. Thanks for the reply! I forgot to mention that it mostly happens when I look at the F10 map. I can literally hear the fans of my gpu spooling down when it happens.
  14. Don't want to hijack your topic, but I guess I have the same problem here. I have 32gig RAM and already set the page file to: 32768 32768 But as for now i still get this weird fps drop after 30 - 45 minutes. It'll stay for a few minutes and then everything's back online. Really don't know what else to do. How exactly did you set your page file to? And if I may ask, on my pc windows is on the C drive, while DCS is on the D drive. I only set the page file for my C drive. Hope this is correct?
  15. Got it. Working like a charm now. My Moose wasn't up to date. Really awesome and a lot of randomized fun! Thanks for your effort!
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