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  1. Wow, it’s looking really nice. Can’t wait, release it
  2. Have u watched the start up video? It’s super easy to start.
  3. Exorcet said it all, double check all the axis, and setup like chucks guides are a good first step.
  4. I have a G2 VR, Tobii, and TrackIr. Tobi works pretty well once you set it up properly and you don’t need to wear anything for it to work. Which is a big plus to me.. neither track nor tobii compare to VR at all. I work from home, so it’s nice using Tobii playing DCS while working. I can still see my other screens with my work apps, while not having to wear something on my head all day like trackIR or VR. Cheers,
  5. Hmm, never seen that before, what headset are you using?
  6. My issue is that it will go back into the window, but then is unmovable. I have to restart the game to fix. Maybe latest windows update? Not sure, but it just started happening over the last week. Never had the issue in years playing.
  7. I have cursor confined to window, and full screen, with my G2, and this just started happening to me since last patch. I have never had the issue before this last week. When it happens I can’t seem to do anything to fix it except restart the game.
  8. I’m not sure, I tried both on and off, and find off easier for me.
  9. Same thing happening to me, I am continuing to troubleshoot it.
  10. I would be happy if they started on the F-4 again. That will be a great module whenever it comes.
  11. Agreed, I think it would be fun to let us be SAM sites in multiplayer and control radar etc. I always wondered why you couldn’t.
  12. Interesting issue, and good find. Hope that works long term for you.
  13. I usually play in VR, but same issue after 2.7 can barely read the mfd’s.
  14. Received mine today, and love it so far. It came calibrated and was super easy to setup. Nice quality. Thanks again
  15. Ya agreed, since 2.7 it is way harder to see. I had to turn up gamma just to read it.
  16. It definitely makes controlling the choppers at low speed easier.
  17. Would this pass the integrity check for multiplayer?
  18. K-51, Sent you a pm from our previous convo.
  19. Sorry to hear that Mower. Hope it gets resolved soon.
  20. Always auto start. I don’t have the time to remember how to start up all the modules I have.
  21. Please add me to your list. K-51.. I would love one too.
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