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  1. yep colors need fixing, can you do it? :) Apart from that looks great! Also if you can release a version with Capt Ralph "Sheik" Aarts on it instead would be even better :)
  2. mltskyhawk


    Center Smoke, and working smokewinders would be nice for us aerobatic pilots :)
  3. why didn't you use the Maverick and Goose skin?!!!
  4. Is there anyone who can manage to extract tf-51D cockpit description lua and is willing to send it to me? Would appreciate it thanks.
  5. Please ED, can you make it happen?...
  6. Anyyyyyyyyyyyyytime now...
  7. +1 Is it really so difficult to put centerline smoke and maybe smokewinders on this thing?
  8. What do you mean by restoring code to livery file?
  9. would there be an argument also for the lower lod's?
  10. I noticed the pylons become visible at a certain zoom (zoomed out), anyone experiencing the same?
  11. You are a legend Skatezilla, next, centerline smoke please :)
  12. can't seem to be able to use trackir in f4 view and external views like in other aircraft, any chance this can be fixed or tell us how to fix this?
  13. you releasing this? and does it come with standard fence wingtips? :)
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