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  1. I have an issue when deploying the AGM-154A x4 at one target area. The server I am hosting comes to a standstill after the 3rd and 4th one hit there target. It is repeatable. take off from the carrier. Fly to WP 2 and top off fuel at the tanker. Go on to WP 2 turn to WP 3 and search for targets. Drop the 4 AGM-154A on 4 different targets in the same area. Turn outbound to avoid sams. As the AGM hit 1 and 2 FPS ok when 3 and 4 hits I lose all FPS. Others connected to the sever have no problems. PC specs in sig. Edit: Not using VR Supply hunt PG v0.7.miz
  2. Same issue in this mission. I seem to get the locked screen not CTD. If I click I get the spinning wheel of death, then to desktop. If I stay over the water it runs all day. I have only built one mission to fly over land and get a crash in the same place. About 20 miles to target AO every time. No crash log file (edit: not using VR) F18C C101CC strike 1.0.miz
  3. I was hosting a server and due to freezing before using the 3 screen on 1 screen setup. So I am running 1 screen and still have run into the same problem. about 20 minutes in it happened. Specs below.
  4. Hosting my own server with only one other in the game. Both of us are in A-10C's I get a freeze every so often that last about 1-5 seconds. after about 20+ minutes It freezes until I hit the ground. Once I explode all goes back to normal. I am no longer exporting MFCD's problem persist. I am running 3 screens custom .lua file. nothing special. 5040x1050 system spec in sig.
  5. I have the same problem with freezing. Same as ECMO1 I run a multi-monitor setup with exporting MFCD's to a 4th screen. As I reduce to a single screen the freezing goes away but I still have the studders. I did the update to 2.5 and had the problem. Then did a wipe of all DCS files (uninstall) and downloaded the full 2.5 install. I still have the same problem. by adding more screens the problem only gets worse. I like my setup and really don't want to change it. I hope ED will get this fixed soon. My specs are in my signature P.S. Not using the Vive for DCS as the Resolution is not high enough.
  6. I would like to have the ammo and fuel depots to be used in the triggers. Say the depo is the target have it as 1 unit to be added to conditions.
  7. Hello CAN I get an activation code to my BS1 install, please
  8. I have BS 1 installed but don't have a code for it. It was The Russian version before the U.S. version came out and the code was sent in an Email, that was in 2008. That and my BS 1 and BS2 upgrade are on two different accounts.
  9. I have BS 1 and a BS upgrade can I combine the 2 for the full version of BS2? Or I need a new code for me BS1 on my CAT_101st account as it does not show up on the DCS website like the other modules. The BS upgrade is on my CAT_101 account.
  10. Not the way you need. There is a program called ikarus posted here in the forum some place.
  11. I fly with this guy and he never overclocks his gear. Even when I beg him too. :doh:
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