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  1. Yes. They all perform the required action, and it is only the audio response that is incomplete. It is no big deal; just would be nice if it worked properly. (This is with the Mosquito in VR and in several different missions. Other modulus not were checked.)
  2. When I am leader of a flight of 4 and I give a command like " Flight - go finger 4", I get a text response from #2,#3 & #4 as expected. However, there is only the one audio response and that is from #2. The rest remain silent. Is this normal, or have I missed a setting somewhere?
  3. / nit pick mode ON I think you mean the pitch up moment. Momentum has a velocity component which does not apply here when the aircraft is in a stable condition. Otherwise, I totally agree.
  4. It is a propeller aircraft, so any time you change power or speed you need to set a new trim position. There is no 'center' position to reset it to.
  5. Unfortunately this also screws up your position relative to other moving objects as they all continue moving, However it is all we have until ED get around to fixing this, but don't hold your breath waiting.
  6. Settle down chaps! This is a situation where everyone can be right. It can be possible to see two lights at the same time.(but never three!) I remember that the DC-3s I flew a long time ago had their navigation lights stuck on the wingtip in a little glass hemisphere about 2" or 5cm in diameter that was screened by a metal cover to give the appropriate sector visibility. There was also a little bit of perspex attached which protruded above the wingtip and its glow could be seen from the cockpit to confirm the light was OK. Therefor, in this case it certainly was possible to see two lights at once. More modern aircraft tend to have the light built well into the wingtip and have a large transparent aerodynamic cover. This means that the light gets diffused by the cover and becomes visible, like on the DC-3, outside the desired sector, albeit at much reduced intensity. The rules and regulations allow for this and the overlap intensity must be no more than 10% that of the main beam. So yes, if you are close enough you may in some cases be able to see two lights, but at any appreciable distance - probably not. The whole point of this system is to enable a pilot to determine the orientation of an otherwise invisible aircraft by the color of a nav / position light. If he happens to have great eyesight and can see two lights, the correct one will be determined by its greater intensity, and the system still works. The problem I have with the DCS model is that all three lights are visible and the system does NOT work. Reference: Sec. 25.1389 — Position light distribution and intensities. (3) Intensities in overlaps between adjacent signals. No intensity in any overlap between adjacent signals may exceed the values given in §25.1395, except that higher intensities in overlaps may be used with main beam intensities substantially greater than the minima specified in §§25.1391 and 25.1393 if the overlap intensities in relation to the main beam intensities do not adversely affect signal clarity. When the peak intensity of the forward position lights is more than 100 candles, the maximum overlap intensities between them may exceed the values given in §25.1395 if the overlap intensity in Area A is not more than 10 percent of peak position light intensity and the overlap intensity in Area B is not greater than 2.5 percent of peak position light intensity. See in excruciating detail the full set of complicated rules and regulations for the Americans. It has come a long way from the original "Let's stick some colored lights on this thing so you can tell which way it is pointing" Federal Aviation Regulations Sec. 25.1385 — Position light system installation. https://www.risingup.com/fars/info/part25-1385-FAR.shtml
  7. Do some research and you will find that the the aeronautical standards were derived from the maritime standards which go back to the mid 1800s. Apart from changing terminology like "2 points abaft the beam" into measurements in degrees, the regulations are a lot more than 80 years old and were well established in WW2 when the Mosquito came on the scene. If in real life you can see lights from the wrong angles then you are not seeing the lights directly. You are close enough to see the dirty cover over the light, not the lamp itself. Yep. However, more than 18,000 hours flight time and LAME's qualifications should take me out of those chair pilot's standards. Your apology is accepted The whole point here is that the navigation lights should be visible only in certain directions. Here is a Mosquito nav light It seems pretty obvious that it should not be visible from the other side or from the rear and that ED do not have the graphics correct.
  8. Note that all 3 lights are visible. This is not correct. The nav lights are designed to enable an external observer at a distance to determine the orientation of the aircraft and its flight path to assist in avoiding collisions. There should be only one colored light visible at any one time and this will show the sector of the aircraft the observer is viewing. The lights are deliberately restricted to be visible only at certain angles. This aids the pilots in determining if a collision risk exists.
  9. This might help. As I did most of my aviating on multi-crew aircraft, I rather like using verbal commands to get something done. Voice Attack is perfect for this. For example, the VA command line to Nigel my navigator … When I say: [Nav; Nigel; ] [You can; ] turn on the [radios; radio power] … has 12 permutations, as the semicolon and space acts as a blank so the command accepts any of the bracketed words or nothing at all. Anything from “turn on the radios” to “Nigel, you can turn on the radio power” as well as the other combinations will be accepted, so I don’t have to remember an exact phrase for the command. I had to assign some keystrokes and the command output becomes … Move to Nav seat Press 2 key and hold for 0.1 seconds and release Turn on radio power and Tx Master sw to STBY Press Left Ctrl+V keys and hold for 0.1 seconds and release Press Left Alt+V keys and hold for 0.1 seconds and release Press Left Shift+M keys and hold for 0.1 seconds and release Set Arial DF mode and Rx Master sw VISUAL Press Left Shift+D keys and hold for 0.1 seconds and release Press Left Shift+V keys and hold for 0.1 seconds and release Return to pilot seat Press 1 key and hold for 0.1 seconds and release Say, 'Radios set for D F. Tuning still required' I am still trying to find a way of not having to manually tune to a frequency but telling Nigel to set it. However, this VA command saves considerable time, so I have a better chance of getting the radio tuned before the aircraft crashes.
  10. Yes. If you really want to fly around continuously with such a low power setting, then do it with a big reduction in the rpm and keeping the throttles above the warning point. (I find that the warning makes a handy reference point when flying in formation and having to make numerous small power adjustments).
  11. There is a great mod that makes the Spitfire's instruments perfectly readable and also fixes the too-bright floor textures. Click to go to these old posts ...
  12. Modifying views.lua is working again. Change lines 15 & 16 in "<your drive>\DCS World OpenBeta\Mods\aircraft\FA-18C\Views.lua" and the F4 view can be changed to whatever you desire. These are the values I used. I tried using OVGME and placing it in 'Saved Games' but that did not work like it used to.
  13. Suggest you try a forum search. This is an old problem with an easy fix to set the default view to whatever you want.
  14. Yes. Mouse panning was lost here too. Fixed when I found where these options were located. (Hiding in axis controls and not in views where I had been searching)
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