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  1. The problem with troops in buildings in DCS is that the buildings have no 'in'.
  2. He does make a fair point though. There are plenty of issues in the base game - some I recall you have lamented about yourself over the years. I've known other developers take time out to address issues and delay new content. Granted, one of those developers was Ubisoft who I doubt could even pour water out of a bucket. But still they tried. Frontier Developments too - a relatively small developer much like ED I imagine. It helps build trust in the brand and fosters good will between customer and developer. As for subscriptions ... no thanks lol.
  3. Pretty sure this has been discussed before and I believe the dev view is that they'd rather not go there.
  4. I agree, the guide is unnecessarily convoluted. It really is a simple is placing the mod in a folder, and downloading a Windows store app. Maybe look at it once you've overcome your current problem. Bonne chance!
  5. Maybe try this: Gets rid of the Steam VR requirement. For me it's massively improved performance. It might help you with your issue.
  6. Aha ... good idea.
  7. I Googled* it. *Other search engines are available.
  8. Apache Modular Aircraft Survivability Equipment (AMASE).
  9. I'm not familiar with this mod, but you probably need to extract it to: C:\Users\<username>\Saved Games\DCS\mods\tech If you're using Open Beta then replace DCS with DCS.openbeta in that path. Edit: Yup, that appears to be correct. Regarding OVGME, that can manage multiple folders. So you can use OVGME for the regular DCS install folder, and the Saved Games folder. Just create a folder for your 'saved games mods' and add a new path in OVGME: In the mission editor, make sure you have 'Historical list of units' disabled:
  10. That's the display brightness rocker switch. The symbology switch is lower down "TDU Symbology (SYM) Rocker Switch ..."
  11. So you're saying for those of us who are visually impaired we have to accept a reduced immersive experience? That's not really in the spirit of equality. Having the option of choosing the render eye is very much appreciated, so thank you for that. But please give some consideration to flipping the monocle and making it available to us 'lefties'.
  12. Definitely a frustration on multicrew aircraft. If there was a way to 'detect' which seat you're in and present those controls accordingly I assume ED would already have done that. But for sure if it is possible please implement it!
  13. I've already requested a refund. The visibility through the top is excellent, and to not have this vital armament usable is a gross and quite frankly dangerous oversight.
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