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  1. I guess you mean charts from one of the older mods of "the other sim"? EM charts from that doc are not based on real charts, only the level flight envelope chart is.
  2. Real problem here isn't look down range reduction. Real problem is that after certain look down angle (around 15 degrees) radar won't see or track anything in RWS or TWS even if you had solid track on the contact, after that angle radar will just loose the contact without reason.
  3. Did some testing and found out that when look down angle is higher than 14-15 degrees radar won't see anything in RWS/TWS. That combined with look down detection range reduction scaling based on altitude difference or angle means that from 40k feet it won't detect low flying fighter sized target before the look down angle gets higher than that 14-15 degrees so you won't ever detect the contact in that scenario.
  4. Blue GCI, LotATC: SF_Farrago SF_MikeMikeJuliet
  5. SF Squadron: 2x F-18C (maybe more) SF_Kapsu SF_Hevy Supercarrier: yes
  6. It does that because radar is starting to lose the track file before it does another sweep over the contact thanks to the bugged track file memory system. Increase age out setting from 4 to 8 in the DATA sublevel (aim120 selected) and use smaller scan zone to make it a lot better.
  7. It's not a bug. All ACM locks are STT locks in the first place so you are in STT mode if you lock something with any of the ACM modes. Also ACM condition will stay active until manually exited one way or another. And as long as ACM condition is active it will override the other functions of the sensor control switch.
  8. Added MMJ to the roster.
  9. SF_Kapsu F/A-18C SF_Hevy F/A-18C SF_Huntercamo F/A-18C SF_MikeMikeJuliet F/A-18C Supercarrier: yes
  10. Squadron: SF Squadron Timezone: 15 - 20z (weekends) Aircraft: F-18C, F-16C Maps: Cauc, PG, Syria
  11. How i haven't noticed this until i read this? :D Anyway there is a way to fix that. In RWS press TDC on empty space (radar tries to take STT lock on that bearing) and then when radar is doing that narrow sweep trying to find something switch from AIM-120 to AIM-9 (just switching from one missile to another should work) and things should get back to normal when radar goes back to normal search. Your scan center might get offset to where your TDC was but switching weapons again or selecting to 140 degree scan seems to fix that.
  12. SF roster updated: https://forums.eagle.ru/forum/english/dcs-world-topics/tournaments/7115959-red-flag-14nov2020?p=7116433#post7116433 I'm not sure if anyone from us can attend red side briefing today.
  13. SF Squadron, Blue side (red is fine too) 3x F/A-18C, 1x F-16C, 1x GCI SF_Kapsu SF_Huntercamo SF_Hevy SF_Razer (F-16C) SF_Farrago (GCI)
  14. Really would like to see that real world data you used as well. Well that explains few things. In 2.5.6 drag for pylons was added which explains differences in top speed and FCS weight bug was fixed which explains your turn test results. So yeah you're right, just 5 months late. :D According to the GAO report, yes.
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