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  1. From the manual: “[SIDE NUMBER], [SHIP CALLSIGN] marshal, CASE II/III recovery, CV-1 approach, expected BRC [CARRIER HEADING], altimeter [PRESSURE]. [SIDE NUMBER], marshal mother’s [MARSHAL RADIAL BEARING] radial, [DISTANCE] DME, angels [ALTITUDE]. Expected approach time is [TIME]” However, there is no info if recovery is caseII or caseIII: I'm also not sure if BRC means final bearing? case2or3.trk
  2. From the manual: But there is no push time in the communication after the established call: I know that this should be called at DME 21 e.g., but my question is how do I know when I have to be at DME 21?
  3. when I use "Takeoff from runway" I recive this depature calls. By using "Takeoff from parking hot" it will not be transmitted. no_com.trk
  4. Does "Ground units are now more visible on A-G radar." means that stationary, not moving units will be more visible in map mode?
  5. What is the point of this feature? Is it just to select an PDLT and see it on the HUD / Helmet? Will it be possible to command the FCR to aquire a STT from a PDLT? Will it be possible to fire an AIM120 to a PDLT without STT? (Should be possible technicaly because the AIM-120 is steered anyway by a kind of "datalink" till it goes pitbull) Will it be possible to command the wingman to engage my PDLT?
  6. I guess the issue is that after dropping JDAMS, the gun crosshair is aligned for "Sea Level". That means for Sea Level it's still correct, but as soon as you attack something higher than sea level, it's not accurate anymore. However, it seems that ED has not set the priority for finxing bugs of the Hornet and bring it out of early access very high, priority seems to be on Apache and Viper atm...
  7. As told before, I guess I a can explain the behaviour much better know: That the missile will not loft is just a result of a wrong calculted distance to the designated waypoint because the missile amis not the waypoint but instead the intersection point of the line of sight on launch and the terrain (The point where the line of sight intersects the terrain for the 'first time'). I have updated the description.
  8. harm crash 5.trk @BIGNEWY Here it's another track file. You are right the missile will loft, but it's hits the montain anyway. I guess it aims the intersection point between the line of sight on lanch and the terrain which is between the missile and the waypoint at launch. See, on the first two missile launches, the is terrain between missile at launch and the waypoint, so the missile aims the inteseciton point of the terrain. On the third launch, the runway where the waypoint is positionized is in sight and the missle impacts exact on the runway.
  9. Did you tried Right Shift + END key ? Action is called "Throttle OFF"
  10. Hello BIGNEWY, the azimuth is not more that 5° on the launch of the second harm or what do you mean? I tried it in all other PB modes: It's not possible to launch the missile correct when the target is masked by terrain. If target is not masked and I have an RWR Icon, it always worked fine for me. [Edit] harm crash3.trk is another trackfile. Here I fired 4 Harms, on the first two, the waypoint is mask by terrain, they crash into ground without climbing. On the shoot of the 3rd and 4th harm, the wp is not masked, they will climb and hit. I also changed the waypoint to be at 30 feet above the ground, so this seems not to be the reason. From my point of view this is definitely a bug. I never get the Harm on target in PB mode when the waypoint is masked, so I maybe belive that it's no bug when somebody shows me a scenario where the harm hits in PB mode and the designated waypoint is masked by terrain when launching the harm.
  11. In this trackfile, my AI Wingman seems to try to follow me on the ground before he took off and so he crashes takeoff_bug.trk
  12. I observed that the Harm in POS - PB mode will not aim the designated waypoint if the there is no line of sight to the designated waypoint. Istead the missile seems to aim the point where the line of sight intersects the terrain. I expect that the harm will climb for lofting because it knows the distance to the selected waypoint as I understood. Note in the track file that the first both harms will not climb and instead they'll aim the a point before the waypoint and crash into the ground. After the waypoint is not masked by terrain anymore, the 3rd and 4th harm will climb and aim the waypoint as expected. This behaviour is reproducable for the Hornet as well. If it's no bug, please explain me how the harm knows if the target waypoint is masked by terrain or not, and why it's commanded to crash into the ground in this case. Sketch for explainaition: First Case: Harm always crashes near the intersection point Second Case: Harm is lofting as expected (because it knows the corect distance?) Thank you harm crash3.trk
  13. Hello, I tried arround with this function using this scipt repetitive action, so in general it works so far. The issue with the first script is that it isn't working for group level for "air units" (source: https://wiki.hoggitworld.com/view/DCS_func_isTargetDetected) However, I never get the case that the distance is known local player = Unit.getByName('Player1') local badguy = Unit.getByName('Badguys1') if badguy ~= nil and player ~=nil and badguy:isExist() and player:isExist() then local detections = Controller.Detection local controller = badguy:getController() local detected , visible , lastTime , type , distance , lastPos , lastVel = controller:isTargetDetected(player) trigger.action.outText('Detections: ' .. (controller:isTargetDetected(player, detections.VISUAL) and 'Visual ' or ' - ') .. (controller:isTargetDetected(player, detections.OPTIC) and 'Optic ' or ' - ') .. (controller:isTargetDetected(player, detections.RADAR) and 'Radar ' or ' - ') .. (controller:isTargetDetected(player, detections.IRST) and 'IRST ' or ' - ') .. (controller:isTargetDetected(player, detections.RWR) and 'RWR ' or ' - ') .. (controller:isTargetDetected(player, detections.DLINK) and 'DLINK ' or ' - '), 1) if detected then trigger.action.outText('You have been detected somehow ' .. (distance and 'and your distance is known.' or 'but your distance is not known.') , 1 ) else trigger.action.outText('You havn\'t been detected so far', 1 ) end end My expactation is if the detection is done by radar the range should be known but thats not the case or is there any mistake? Best Regards Topper detection.miz
  14. Thanks I know that workaround, but if a value > 1 is valid, then it should be possible to set it.
  15. Hello, is it possible somehow to run a "COCKPIT PERFORM CLICKABLE ACTION" from lua script? Or is there another way to get a Device on misson startup? When I use "DO SCRIPT" and I put "local dev = GetDevice(9)" in the box, I get this error message: I want to create a script to change the cockpit configuration on startup and I prefere to use one script insted of multiple actions in the ME like here... Thank you!
  16. Hello, In this example i wan't to rotate the CONSOLES LIGHT DIMMER CONTROLL rotary to full. But i noticed it's not possible to set a value >1 or <-1 for the action "COCKPIT PERFORM CLICKABLE ACTION". The rotary is moved, but just verry little...
  17. In previous versions of DCS the infantrie units have walked depending on speed. In the current open beta they always seems to run, no matter how slow the speed is set (See track file). The animation looks very bad for that issue. walking_infantry.trk
  18. Hello, how will joysticks with springs be handled? Will it be the same as for the huey and KA-50 that you can press a button for re-center the stick?
  19. When EWR / dispenser is in S/A (sequence maual started) or (even in automatic mode?), the sequence stops before it's defined end when evading and the EWR is not recieving radar signals anymore (regarding aircrafts orientation). Example: In the attached track file, the sequence is set to dispense 24 chaffs and flares. However, because the signal is lost on evading it's dispensing only till the radar signal has been lost by the EWR, but the missle is still on track... So my expactiation is that dispensing will stop after dispensing all 24 chaffs and flares because on evading manouevers it could be possible that only the signal is lost but the missile is still on track. Dispenser.trk
  20. Here is another trackfile for rockeye in ccrp. I created two bug reports (another for ccip) because I don't know if it's the same bug. rockeye_short_ccrp3.trk
  21. Hello, no matter which mode, my feeling is that the rockeye is falling always short. I set HT to 1.500 (which is mandatory as I understood) In the track file I started bombing when TGP center is in the middle of the runways, however, the beginning of the runway is also hit. I tested also in CCRP and the effect is the same: It's not accurate. rockeye_short.trk
  22. Steps to reproduce: - Select a target in the HAD - Activate markoint mode (TGP mode) - Set TGP SOI - Set a markpoint with TGP - Fire Harm - Set HAD SOI - Try to select the target again when HAD is SOI (Not working) Expected: - It's possible to select a target because HAD is SOI and not TGP Observed: - It's not possible to select a target with the HAD (TMS Forward is stil "reserved" to create markpoints with TGP? But TGP is not SOI...) HAD_Markoint.trk
  23. When I select the HARM, the radar mode switches from GMT to GM and when i select AGM-65 it switches always automaticaly to AGR. radar_switches.trk
  24. No it does not work, I have unlocked the had as you can see in the trackfile.
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