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  1. I bought the Super carrier........................why I, forgot about the Forrestal :-(
  2. Good subject SATaROSA Wow, finally someone to step up....if it is too simple it makes no sense anymore. At least that's what I think about developers.
  3. Maybe RAZBAM made a little mistake again? Don't worry they will fix it soon, as promised 2 years ago ;-)
  4. Are you a real experienced heli-pilot ?:smartass: Or is your wisdom and knowledge falling out of your A.......hole?
  5. Agree to some extend but, take a look at that new CCCP plane the I-19 ? Completely finished gorgeous looking and 100 % functional mudule:music_whistling:
  6. Yes, me too, no more RAZBAM modules!!!
  7. Wait till X - mas OMG . . . I am so glad I did not buy this mudule yet......I will wait till X-mas for the sale and the bugs a re ironed out,:music_whistling: hopefully.
  8. Do you know how many bugs and missing systems the latest jets have? Ignorance is bliss:music_whistling:
  9. Oh boy , you just spent your money on the wrong module. Not only is the Harrier bugged, the manual is describing functionality thats not even implemented yet.....and probably never will. Razbam are good graphic artists but mediocre coders. The TPOD for instance is a complex peace of cake and they will never be able to finish it :cry:
  11. F........k RAZBAM for their ignorance, arogance and crappy coding.
  12. Yes, indeed, transpancy, no promisis and actually just one webpage that gives a brief and actual overview of unfinished business. I,m so tired of browsing this forum for status info.
  13. Dear simmers developers, I love DCS it's beautiful maps and airplanes/mudules, flightmodels etc !! What I hate about it is: Unfinished modules, Bugs, Manuals and specially the combination of the three. Imagine yourself working through the manuals and training missions for hours trying to master the systems, to find out a described system in the manual is not even implemented yet!!! :mad: Keep the God.............ed manual up to date with the actual status of the airplane!! So I guess with more modules coming up in the future, a simple one-page "Bug Fixes" "To Do" checklist" of described systems per aircraft is no luxury. (just web enable an exel spreadsheet or a like) Then we don't have to ask the same questions on the forums all the time and don't have to browse this labyrinth forum for answers as well. For instance, 50 + pages on the F 14 forum with bug reports, maybe bugs, fixed bugs etc. Where to begin?! I,m getting tired of it already, whilst I not even bought the F 14. :helpsmilie:
  14. People just stop buying new modules! Let them first finish the early access modules to completely finished products with all systems 100% implemented. Als much as I want that F 14 Tomcat, I,m not buying it before they finished the Viggen completely and untill the F 14 is fully functional. LEts stop this early access money grabbing.
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