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  1. the radio call number on the left front dash, above landig gear handle renders differently for both eyes in vr, i.e. 200 for left eye and 214 for right eye seen on default instant mission weapons training normandy
  2. As title says, my black shark disappeared from dcs after last update to 1.5.8 stable. Module worked well on 1.5.7, was first purchased as BS1 and updadet to BS2 with upgrade patch some years ago. it's visible in the module manager, but serial number is missing compared to other modules. tried to de- or reactivate it via protect.exe, but there's a message saying my license is already activated. DCS repair helped neither. Even the icon on the start screen is missing:unsure: someone out there got equal problems? - edit all other installed modules are working
  3. with any bombs loaded to MER's, most outboard bomb is released first. shouldn't the lowest bomb be first? issue is most prominent with mk20 loaded (still trying to attach screenshots...:dunno:)
  4. starting hot from runway, switch marked EXP front right is set to off once airborne, cm can't be deployed - so far so good. now when you switch to auto, you can hear chaff deploying immediately, if corresponding button was pressed before. with EXP switched back to off, flares and chaff can still be released.
  5. relating transports: is there a way to know which items or personel need to be delivered? it seems those needs change from session to session. for me its pretty annoying to realize i got the wrong parts after half an hour flight and tricky or shitty landing on a ship...:helpsmilie:
  6. i have to correct myself... quick mission with L version: works create new mission L version: works take existing and working mission of any helicopter and change player unit to L version: works take existing mission, do as above but save/overwrite it to another mission: crash take this crashing mission and change unit back to either M or Mistral version: works i hope this is not too confusing
  7. My L version also keeps crashing in SP, any self built mission, tried cold and hot start from either farp or airport so far. M version and Mistral are doing their job well. latest update
  8. Description: i've noticed something strange with my controls since last update, i'm not sure if this is a polychop thing, dcs world related or if it's just me...so please try to reproduce and confirm this. I am using a logitech g940 stick when flying helos and a warthog on planks, while using both throttle quadrants in most modules, so subsequently both systems are always plugged in. I use to tick or untick the ffb in the settings whether i'm flying helos or fixed wing. When i start dcs and open a gazelle mission, my (logitech) stick is centered and there are stickforces felt, almost like on the huey with force trim set on. The gazelle is quite controllable in this case, fine trim with china hat works, while magnetic brake is weird. But that's another issue. The thing is, when i fly another helicopter and go back to the gazelle after a while, it's quite different: on start the stick is no more centered and there are no more stick forces, like on the huey with force trim set off. Restarting dcs resolves this again. This issue is reproducible for me and happens solely on the gazelle. DCS Version: Steam: no Map: caucasus SP/MP: SP Reproducible: i can, can you? Step to Reproduce: open gazelle mission, move stick, close mission, open another helicopter mission and close it (i actually don't even have to fly them) and try again on the gazelle Mission File: any, with hot start on ramp Controllers: Logitech G940, Hotas Warthog OS: Win 8.1 Mods: no mods Any Additional Information: thanks in advance
  9. Description: pushed the tourquemeter tesbutton in flight. tourque pointer reduces (as it should) but so does engine sound DCS Version: Steam: No Map: Caucasus SP/MP: SP Reproducible: Yes Step to Reproduce: Simply go to autohover with high pitch applied and push the tourquemeter testbutton. Mission File: Any Mods: No mods Any Additional Information: No further action required, DO NOT initiate autorotation. Real life pilots heart rate might increase a bit...
  10. Engine sound in cockpit seems to be coupled to torquemeter; engine sounds like spooling down or reducing power when testbutton is pushed.
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