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  1. I'd like to present my third Apache mission after Hellenic Dawn and David's Trident - Operation Fiery Katana will bring you to the Mariannas Map and is inspired by real events. Latest satellite imagery reveals that Russia has installed a S-300 air defense system on the southern Kuril island of Tinian. This is a brute provocation to the Japanese government and a threat to national security and the integrity of Japanese airspace. As the JASDF lacks SEAD capabilities, an attack by air force F-2s was ruled out as too dangerous. The task now lies with the brave helicopter crews of the JGSDF – YOU! You will fly low level north to Tinian island. The position of the S-300 is verified by satellite data and the coordinates are available on your kneeboard. Find and neutralize the S-300 site, then return to the FARP. Your flight will use call sign NINJA, you will be in constant exchange with high command call sign SHIRO. Listen carefully to what SHIRO has to say. Evaluation of satellite images and reports by local population suggest that the enemy forces mainly consist of Marine units, equipped with light tanks. Lately we received several reports that “multiwheeled vehicles” are patrolling the streets, so be careful. So far our analysts could spot any SHORAD systems on the island, but we expect them to be in use on Tinian. Russian naval aviation command maintains a 24/7 QRA at Saipan Air Base, north of Tinian. We remind you again, stay low, in order not to be picked up by Russian radar. Mission features: * up to four human players * custom kneeboard * briefing images * high quality voice overs * adaptable difficulty level via F10 commands (add/remove air defenses) * PDF manual Requires free Mariannas map. Enjoy! Download from user file library
  2. We don't have LST yet, LFRD is the correct mode. The big box is indication a LOBL shot, as you are shooting LOAL, you will only see the small box.
  3. You are performing a remote Hellfire shot, i.e. you do not lock onto the laser. You need to set ACQ to SKR (the seaker head) and fire in the direction of the target (important to add it as a point on the TSD. The JTAC is lazing as soon as he gives you the new lasercode, until the building is hit. With the ingame JTAC functionality it would be impossible to laze a building, let alone a specific window of a building (follow the missile in F6 view ) I hope this helps?
  4. update V1.2: UH-60s don't wait for player: fixed
  5. Thanks for the feedback! The Blackhawks begin their startup after 5 minutes and the process will take about 3 minutes. After take off they are supposed to hold just north of the field and wait for the player. I will check the triggers, if something got messed up at this point. I saw in a stream last night, that they obviously don't always hold, but continue. I will try to fix this tomorrow.
  6. Based on real events from 2006, Operation David's Trident will put you at the controls of an Israeli Air Force AH-64D Apache on an escort/close air support mission for a commando raid at the city of Tyre. Available as both day and night mission. Two slots for client AH-64Ds available, for up to 4 human players. At 0030 local time, a flight of two UH-60 helicopters will prepare for their departure at Rosh Pina airfield in Northern Israel. They will each ins ert a group of commando soldiers in to Tyre, who will try to eliminate the enemy leaders in an apartment building. For an initial attack they will laze the building, i.e. the room where the meeting is taking place, so the helicopter gunships can fire a Hellfire at this location. The commandos will then search the building and once done, return to the LZ to be picked up again by the UH-60s. You will escort the UH-60s with your AH-64D Apache. Stay with the transport helicopters, until you receive instructions to detach from the formation. Hold your fire, until instructed otherwise – your first shot will be a remote Hellfire shot at the target building. While the commandos are on ground, cover their operation and subsequent extraction from the air. Once the Commandos are extracted, escort the UH-60s back to Israel. Mission features: * 60+ high quality voice overs * 70+ triggers * different F10 options to interact with the mission * day and night versions of the mission * two slots for client AH-64Ds for up to 4 human players * PDF manual * custom kneeboard pages * briefing images Pilot Requirements: * TSD point input * laser code input * radio handling Note: Syria map is required! Download from user file library
  7. After decades of peaceful coexistence on the island of Cyprus, militant groups from the north violated the 1974 armistice treaty by moving into the UN buffer zone and occupying the former Nicosia airport. Greece decided to send elements of the 1st Army Aviation Brigade and 71st Airmobile Brigade to retake Nicosia airport in an airborne assault. Lead the assault in your AH-64D! Operation Hellenic Dawn is an airborne assault, conducted by UH-1Hs (call sign ARTEMIS) and CH-47s (call sign ARIADNE). The Hueys will approach Nicosia from the west, while the Chinooks will conduct their assault from the east. Both flights will hold approximately 5 miles from the airport, until the landing zones are cleared. Once cleared in, the transport helicopters will disembark paratroopers of the 71st Airmobile Brigade to retake the airport. Your will lead a two-ship formation of AH-64D Apaches (call sign AJAX) in support of the airborne assault. You will take off from FARP Athens in the south and proceed to the battle point south of the airport. Engage any enemy air defenses that might endanger the operation. Once you assess the area is safe, you can call in the transport elements via the F10 command. Stay in the area to provide air cover for the landing of the paratroopers. Until you get clearance to leave. A small logistics unit is on standby, should you need to rearm your Apache. You can request to activate an ammo FARP via your F10 commands. Beware it will take 5 minutes to erect the FARP and for security reasons, it will be only available for 15 minutes, in order not to expose our troops to enemy artillery fire. So choose the timing wisely. During the operation, you will be in contact with the high command (call sign HERA) The mission contains custom kneeboard pages, briefing maps and three dozen voice overs. The zip file contains two versions of the mission: The SP version provides client slots for one AH-64D Apache which can be used either as single player or as a single-ship multicrew. Your wingman will be an AI Apache. The MP version provides slots for two AH-64D Apaches, which can be used by one player each or as multicrew. There is no AI wingman available. Note: Syria map is required. Enjoy! Download from user file library Also check out the trailer for this mission https://youtu.be/R20eiuWRu6w
  8. The Greek Air Force Skin still is not selectable due to a typo in line 43 of the description.lua. The description.lua reads: countries = {"Greece",} but should read: countries = {"GRC"} description.lua
  9. How do you set a direction for a beam in the editor?
  10. Hi, I did not find a wishlist, so forgive me, if this is the wrong place. What I would wish to be added: Jester - time to release countdown after having designated a target with LANTIRN and switching back to the pilot seat, it would be great if Jester would talk the release countdown (maybe last ten seconds or something). The display is hard to read at times, so it'd be a big help for the human pilot. Iceman - pickle bomb when flying as RIO (single player) and working the LANTIRN, it would be great to have an Iceman AI menu entry to tell him to release a bomb, without the need to switch back and forth in the cockpits. Iceman - select Phoenix/Sparrow when flying as RIO (single player) and working the radar, it would be nice if we could instruct Iceman to set master arm on and select Phoenix or Sparrow missiles, so we don't have to switch between front and rear pit. I hope these points are worth considering.
  11. Skin request - Moroccan SA342L/M I would be grateful if any of the talented skinners would create this livery. Photo (c) Key Publishing
  12. Any chance we might see a Petrovich AI style "Hans AI" in the Bo 105? Would be really nice for performing running attacks, not just out of a hover. Yes, I know, attacking from cover was the preferred method, but still worth asking Also the hover translate part (as in Petrovich AI) would probably be very helpful, when hiding behind a treeline.
  13. Title says it already. With Cyprus being available, it would be nice, if the skin would be officially added to Cyprus instead to Greece. Yes, of course we can change the description.lua ourselves, but that won't help when publishing missions. Thanks for considering.
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