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  1. hi all, is there an easy way to get the pink dot to a specific screen? i have my main viewport on one screen, but dot appears on screen 2 cheers!
  2. @Asto My sincere gratitude to you for sorting this out. I have a vertical setup, so was worried that it wouldn't work, but I copied your code and it works! haven't manged to see if the target list will work, but optimistic. I was worried as I am using display tables in my monitor config file, which i havent seen many people use. cheers again, great stuff!!!!
  3. I suspect it is the X and y coordinates of your viewport exports (like the MFD's). Are they correct? What is the resolution of the touch screen you are using?
  4. Hey Flankersea, could you share your profile too? Curious as to how you hide the keyboard and the viewport for the KU? is that possible?
  5. sobe, in order to look at your new profile, could you also please share the edited interface that you mention with double coded MFD buttons?
  6. Ares, thanks for this!! been a big help for me.. Bunny has made a helios interface! cheers!
  7. Sobe and Bunny, Been following your discussions, deliberations and efforts closely! Well done sirs..... Especially with the headache cause bij the CPG and Pilots MFD exports issues. I am going to try both your profiles out and also hope that there will be a hotfix at some points for the exprts. I do hope they find this important, but wondering if this is more complex then any other aircraft they have done before.... Personally I would change the layout of the Helios profiles, especially for the Pilot's seat I would make the MFD's as big as possible, have the UFD top right, keeping the layout like the real cockpit and have a floating keyboard that can appear with a button as well as comms and lighting.. stuff you dont use all the time.... But hey, i am not nearly as clued up as you folk so i might have to borrow from you or take it real slow cheers and hope more people will help!!
  8. just found this on another thread " The viewport names are mentioned in <dcs folder>\mods\aircraft\ah-64d\cockpit\scripts\displays\MFD\device\MFD_device_IDs.lua. PLT_LMFD, PLT_RMFD, CPG_LMFD, CPG_RMFD (I believe, the center monitor viewport is named TEDAC)" not sure if this helps. If you had a button to switch the profile from CPG to pilot and Visa versa, like the capt zeen one for the Huey?
  9. Hi Sobe, Good work! nice to see you have done some extra work on the profile. more buttons. I used your initial draft and noticed the same problem. I think you need to find the names of the specific viewports that DCS uses to recognise the all the MFCD etc etc. The terms "Left_MFCD and RIGHT_MFCD" can work for all planes, but as you can see from my monitor.lua file some planes have their own specific naming convention. Like for the gazelle and the 10C II, but also F18 and F14 will have this. see below from my Lua LEFT_MFCD = { x = displays[2].x + 328, y = displays[2].y + 1466, width = 625, height = 625 } RIGHT_MFCD = { x = displays[2].x + 1431, y = displays[2].y + 1466, width = 625, height = 625 } A_10C_2_LEFT_MFCD = { x = displays[2].x + 278, y = displays[2].y + 1224, width = 430, height = 430 } A_10C_2_RIGHT_MFCD = { x = displays[2].x + 1425+217, y = displays[2].y + 1224, width = 430, height = 430 } A_10C_2_CDU_SCREEN = { x = displays[2].x + 1223+217, y = displays[2].y + 1723, width = 222, height = 163 } A_10C_2_RWR_SCREEN = { x = displays[2].x + 631+217, y = displays[2].y + 242, width = 185, height = 185 } SA342_FM = { x = displays[2].x +1877-1377, y = displays[2].y +1540, width = 180, height = 30 } SA342_NADIR = { x = displays[2].x +1753-1377, y = displays[2].y +1670, width = 339, height = 185 } SA342_RWR = { x = displays[2].x +2194-1377, y = displays[2].y +1101, width = 231, height = 231 } SA342_TV = { x = displays[2].x +1697-1377, y = displays[2].y +1085, width = 455, height = 360 } SA342_UHF = { x = displays[2].x +1831-1377, y = displays[2].y +1804, width = 150, height = 32 } SA342_WP1 = { x = displays[2].x +1827-1377, y = displays[2].y +1621, width = 195, height = 30 }= { x = displays[2].x + 328, y = displays[2].y + 1466, width = 625, height = 625 } Could you share your new profile again so I (try to) can help?
  10. Hi derammo, i am trying to achieve and understand very much what you are asking for and have had no luck. I also want to have other "stuff" displayed on part of my left screen. to make it more complicated, that screen is also my secondary monitor as my touch screen has to be my primary monitor in order for it to work. have you had any further luck? cheers!
  11. Hello All, I think I am quite the expert on Monitor.lua files and can move just about every view port to where I need it to be. What I CANNOT achieve is to project the main game view in the middle of my secondary screen. This is what I am trying to achieve: The Primary screen is a touch screen that I want to use for Helios. It doesn't really matter where it sits, as long as I can get ALL DCS views to sit in the middle of my whole screen setup. I would like to have space on either side of the GAME view to open other files and software. Can anyone help?
  12. Gents, did you have any luck with this? I have 3 , 1920x1080 screen next to each other. I want DCS to work in the middle of this setup, so that I have space on either side of the DCS window for other windows programs. does the GUI view define where the whole game window starts?
  13. think this will work. make sure game resolution in options is set to 3120x1920 _ = function(p) return p; end; name = _('RMFCD'); Description = 'Right MFCD on the right and camera on the center' Viewports = { Center = { x = 0; y = 0; width = 1920; height = 1080; viewDx = 0; viewDy = 0; aspect = 1920/1080; } } RIGHT_MFCD = { x = 1920; y = 0; width = 1200; height = 1920; } UIMainView = Viewports.Center GU_MAIN_VIEWPORT = Viewports.Center
  14. Good day, I have a touch screen I want to use for Helios. However, I seem to have a Windows problem. If you do not want to set the touch screen as primary monitor then there is, supposedly, a windows tool to set it as a touch screen. It is called calibrate for pen and touch input. This is missing in my windows version and I wondering if anyone know how i can install it, or use it? How do I get windows to recognise my touch screen without setting it as the primary monitor? Cheers!
  15. Great work, i think a touch screen/helios solution will be a very clean and neat solution for Simulating the AH-64 cockpit! What resolution touch screen would you recommend for your profile? I have bene using helios fairly succesfully, although my touchscreen monitors resolution is not great. the worst is that my computer doesnt always recognise the touchscreen as the screen used for touch..... not sure how to get a workaround for that,
  16. @sobe have you or anyone else made any progress with this HELIOS profile for the Ah64?
  17. Cheers to everyone here @Bossco82 , @THERIONand all. I had read about open mod manager, but not sure if the creators are one and the same. AS OvGME is so widely used Ill think ill stick to that for now!
  18. Hello all, Is OVGME still the go to modding tool for DCS, or has something else come up in the mean time? Thanks, Mick
  19. Hi CHPL, its been a while but I managed to get through this mission in the end? I think it was a matter of making the turn into the valley at the right point. ... I love your campaign, this makes the sim worthwhile in single player mode! I have got stuck on mission 11 though... its tough, and takes too long, haha
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