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    GPS/Altimeter tech support
  1. same... even wanted a serial for keyless products like the Yak 52; however the modules actually seem to work after a restart so go figure :|
  2. valid questions; I'd like to know as well :D
  3. Thanks mate, that does indeed help quite a lot :O
  4. same stick actually TWCS; guess I'll try to assign the TDC to one of the POV Hats instead; no issue with Radar or Mavs as you said... but Auto bombing is impossible like this.
  5. and track attached... PS: ignore the romanian cartoon sounds in the background weirdstuff.trk
  6. The TDC is on an axis yes. But the slew is not from the mini stick afaik; this only happens with the Hornet. Nothing with harrier, sa342, a10c, etc... only the harrier.
  7. Not sure if I am actually doing something wrong or if something's broken...
  8. Love the GNS however; ... it's currently unusable for me on DCS 2.1.1; while I could follow the pink line on the map; I'm used to the deviation + bearing method; and sadly the values are way off... following the line ok you get to the destination; but without; you're flying off in wrong directions :(
  9. Might not be a realistic implementation (don't know the actual real-world device) but the ADF/ARK needle can't be coupled to the direct track of the GPS? To have the actual line/track you would indeed need an HSI to see your drift; but if flying straight to the waypoint you only need a single needle like with ADF / ARK.
  10. having only "push" buttons and no "switch" buttons, I wonder how I could map something like the altitude or speed hold AP switch and not having to keep the button pushed in.... any clue ?
  11. well i dont have any kind of forcefeedback device and trim is gone down the drain as well...
  12. sorry if i butchered your post but isn't the Mig21 suffering from the same lack of navaids? The L-39 is a perfect plane to learn the Mig21 navigation systems (RSBN and PRMG); but is also much easier to navigate in Nevada if you use NDB's; the Mig21 will need to be preset in the mission editor with the adapted frequencies.
  13. btw anyone else has a bug with the Visor showing the wrong screen ratio? I get a darker square glass but doesn't reach the edges of the screen.
  14. Aaah ok. Makes sense. Somehow I understood it wrong; as in "early access" was an obsolete version released between 1.2 and 1.5. Thanks! :pilotfly:
  15. 1.5, 1.5 early access and 2.0 early access Hi people, I'm a bit confused and while I did search for an answer through google and forums I couldn't find any definitive answer. On http://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/downloads/world/ there are three downloads; I know the difference between 1.5 and 2.0; but what exactly is the difference between 1.5 and 1.5 early access / open beta? They seem to have different installers for the same version of the sim; are they different somehow?
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