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  1. This is awesome news, I've just started the campaign and got a little confused when in mission 1, Poodle flew off west through SAM threat and all, into the setting sun... Great that there is a fix on the way!
  2. I'm not fighting his battles, I'm just pointing out that you don't need to be a douche. Especially when you are asking for help.
  3. Hey, you're a poet And you know'it Your feet show'it They're Long fellows...
  4. I get a DCS game crash very frequently when loading mission 10. It happens just after you click "FLY". I have been able to load the mission a couple of times, but not been able to complete it.
  5. This campaign is not about simulating realistic F/A-18 operations. It's all about action, and it's a bit silly. Perfect for newcomers to DCS or beginners - those who like more gamey gameplay. Mission briefings and dialogue are full of spelling- and linguistical errors, like the consistent use of the made up word "ideolouge" where clearly the word "dialogue" is intended. The in-game dialogue is cartoony and poorly acted - sometimes very obviously recorded without the actors knowing the context of the line spoken. Don't expect realistic military jargon or terminology. There is constant background music - which thankfully can be turned off with radio 2 volume knob. I appreciate the effort to create something completely different from the rest of DCS:s campaigns. The "Inverted world" is creating by dropping you into different maps for short missions, and prefacing it with a made up map where the strait of Hormuz is used as the west half of the Black Sea for instance - very cleverly done. A lot of effort has gone into the background story it seems. A shame they didn't get a native English speaker to proof-read it though. To get around the lack of a save feature in DCS they have devised a clever feature, where a shorter mission starting in the second half of the original mission, is loaded if you die after a certain "check-point". Just don't expect the real mission state to carry over, fuel, weapon state etc. But I guess it's a nice feature, not having to re-fly the whole mission. Adds to the gamey feel. All in all, it's not my cup of tea, although so far I enjoyed some of it. Recommended for casual players, NOT for serious simmers.
  6. I think this is a bug. I observed the same thing. Saving different targets in TOO1 and TOO2, on 4 different stations, stepping through shows different coordinates being saved, as expected. But when releasing, all 4 bombs goes to the same target on the first release, switch to TOO1 second release and they go to different targets as they should, EVEN when using QTY. I can't make a .trk since I'm away from home for the weekend. EDIT: I can't reproduce the behaviour now. I cleared the shader cache, that shouldn't be related, but maybe it somehow cleared it up. Works as expected now. Successfully hit 8 different targets from 4 pylons, TOO2 first 4 and TOO1 last 4.
  7. Haha, yeah, this "feature" would make me bring my ducktape and a rubberband to the LTD/Rswitch if I was a real Hornet pilot... drives me mad! Very good question. Spontaneously I would guess "no".
  8. He shared an idea on what could be wrong. You should thank him for trying to help instead of being rude.
  9. I just read in the last mini-update post this line: I can't help but wondering, do you think it will solve the issue adressed in this thread?
  10. Thanks for the suggestion, I'm using it already. I made my own bat-file launcher though, since I want some special features when launching, like killing some processes. Sometimes I forget to check for updates before launching though, and then things like this happens. I'll look into switching to skatezillas launcher entirely again though, maybe things have changed.
  11. It worked! Thanks so much for the help! You rock! VAICOM is awesome!
  12. Thanks! Will try it when i get home tonight, I've been away for the weekend. Thanks for the swift reply!
  13. Aha, that could be it. I may have had VA running while DCS updated. Do I need to reinstall or something?
  14. After latest DCS hotfix patch, VAICOM is not working. The PTT button only brings up the comms menu, comms menu is randomly popping up, and voice commands do not work.
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