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  1. SRF-07 stands for SURFACE up to 700ft since this is a low level attack. I think the mission timing is quite okay. Takeoff at 04:15 and time on target is 04:45 (WP9).
  2. Really like the campain so far but mission 5 really doesn't fit in. The different stages of air combat maneuvers are just terrible and those loading interruptions kill the immersion of flying a single mission. And what is the performance envelope task for? Should be redesigned or maybe replaced with a single dogfight mission including AAR maybe. Just my two cents.
  3. The console switches for fuselage turn on the tail lights and wing/tail position switches turn on the fuselage lights. Seems to be mixed up.
  4. Best campaign I have played so far! This really is a masterpiece. Thank you, guys!
  5. Yes, I can confirm the issue. Even if alle lights are on or off there is no way for me to launch the cat. The marshall tells me to spool up the engines but either "Salute" or Ctrl+U don't work for me.
  6. Awesome campaign! Thanks! Will there be an update making use of the new weather presets that came with 2.7? Regards
  7. Thank you for the cool update and this awesome Tomcat module! Unfortunately there is no precipitation on the canopy with the new weather system. Will this be fixed/added? Regards
  8. Thanks for the tip with the keys for TWS and RWS, helps a lot.
  9. Thank you for your suggestions, guys. I started to fiddle around a bit with the Tomcat and and my biggest problem with Jester seems to be locking up targets. Even when I see them already on his radar he doesn't seem to care. Manually locking up seems to be the only way for me. I choose the Phoenix and have them warmed up. A-A mode is selected and weapons are armed but he doesn't lock the bandits. I tell him to TWS but nothing. Any tips? *sigh* Thanks in advance.
  10. Before starting to learn the Tomcat I just wanted to know if it is possible to fly the F-14 as a pilot without having to switch to the RIO seat? Is the JESTER ai smart enough to handle all the RIO stuff? Thanks in advance.
  11. I tried again with the OB. One target and two JSOWs launched. Both miss. I attached a trackfile. Any help would be appreciated. JSOWA.trk
  12. I did a quick test with the latest beta. Set up a mission with 1 target (infantry) and load 4 JSOW-A. When launching all 4 JSOWs at the same target (all bombs with same parameters; TOO or PP mode does not make a difference here) I have to be lucky, if only one JSOW hits. Even during flight you can see how different the bombs behave. Some fall short, some fly high and miss and another one maybe hits.
  13. I only used the OB. Now I tried with the stable and it worked perfectly. Seems to be an issue with the latest open beta.
  14. I can‘t get any of the JSOWs to hit the targets. There still seems to be a problem with it. See latest post.
  15. Thank you for your reply. I will have to test this again. I used the PP mode (coordinates given in the briefing) in my first and second attempts but both JSOWs missed. Will try again and double check the target elevation.
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