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  1. At some point it was stated that tankers use the same tacan as ground stations and therefore transmit on the X band. Maybe this is now forced regardless of ME selection.
  2. Glad I could help Sent from my SM-S102DL using Tapatalk
  3. From what I understand, you do not want to select A/A for tanker Tacans. They are similar to ground based Tacans. The A/A is reserved for "fighter-fighter" transmission and reception. So try locating the tanker without the A/A option.
  4. Okay so i did test the multiplayer aspect of the yardstick and it is working as expected, so this appears to be an AI only issue. Attached is the Multiplayer track I recorded with a second account, with the yardstick working as expected. Yardstick-20220403-193439.trk
  5. Condition: I noticed this in Ground Pounder Sims newest campaign. Seems like the AI yardstick function is not working. Unaware if this is an MP issue as well. Probable Cause: AI never transmits tacan. Reproduce: Set AI unit in ME to transmit tacan, set tacan number (i.e. 27Y). Attempt to get yardstick information in mission by tuning to a tacan freq. 63 channels above or below the other units tacan. Attached are two tracks, one with the AI 18 set to 27Y and I attempt to tune to 90Y. The other with the F-16, same exercise. F-16 Yardstick.trk F-18 Yardstick.trk
  6. Seems like this bug is back with OB Except the first aircraft collides with the tanker... I'll post a track when I can. Sent from my SM-S102DL using Tapatalk
  7. Patch OB seems to have fixed this. Sent from my SM-S102DL using Tapatalk
  8. I think its in the data page, lower right hand OSB of your radar DDI
  9. Condition: I was creating a mission where several flights of 4 ship F-16s were required to refuel from a tanker prior to pushing. The F-16 4 ship will fly formation on the tanker's left wing, then the flight lead will take fuel, no problem. When # 2 tries to refuel, the aircraft will close into initial position, and then porpoise to just above the elevator of the KC-135, then collide with the rudder. This behavior is included in the tracks attached, however, I was fortunate enough to run a test where the tanker was not immediately destroyed and witnessed the 3rd AI pilot repeat the same maneuver. I believe this is included in the bl52 track file. This behavior does not occur with the A-10CII. Cause (Best Guess): I noticed that as the 2nd element closes into position with the tanker, the boom does not move / respond like it did with the flight lead. It seems the AI pilot then pulls up to avoid collision , as the boom has not been raised. The AI likes positive G, so up he goes into the KC-135 Rudder. Reproduce: Place a Tanker with a Boom on any map. Place a flight of F-16Cs (any block, CMs as well), and instruct them to refuel. Observe #2 strike the tanker when it is his turn. Repeat the process with A-10C, or any other female plane and they refuel fine. Indicates F-16 Specific Problem. F16_RefuelingBug.trk F16bl52d_RefuelingBug.trk
  10. The post gets updated, it was last edited the end of August. Sent from my SM-S102DL using Tapatalk
  11. I haven't started the campaign yet, but if you are given WP targets you can use TOO mode, and then on the HSI or SA page designate the way point with one of the OSBs. The way point will become a target for the JSOW. After launch choose another way point, designate and launch again.
  12. If you go to E-shop, then campaign on the main page you will find SH2 Sent from my SM-S102DL using Tapatalk
  13. I have had this issue in the past, turning off MSAA seems to correct it. Then you can try turning it back on again and see if the problem is resolved. Definitely no flickering with MSAA off, and some times toggling this setting with game restarts in between will make the black box effect go away.
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