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  1. This is not about what we like or don't like. It is about what is realistic for F-16 Viper Block 50 operated by the United States Air Force and Air National Guard circa 2007 as determined by ED. ED has determined that AGM-88 HARM on stations 4 & 6 is not realistic for that time & place, and has disabled them. Following that logic, same should be done for LAU-88 as Wags himself has stated that it is not a valid loadout. If it was done for HARM, why should LAU-88 be an exception to this? We need to have some consistency, either allow all erroneous loadouts or none. Source:
  2. I don't see the logic behind this check box that you propose, as it would still permit the arcade players to carry an invalid loadout. These players would very likely still fly their singleplayer missions with 6 Mavericks and perhaps even influence server admins to enable LAU-88 on public servers, therefore allowing the lack of realism to continue.
  3. ED, thank you for the massive Viper patch and making that extra step towards realism. Can something also be done about the inaccurate double and triple Mavericks on LAU-88 on stations 3 & 7? It is not an operationally valid loadout for the Viper being simulated in DCS and therefore shouldn't be an option in the simulator. I believe that this would be a beneficial addition to DCS, as it would encourage players to use realistic loadouts ( especially in multiplayer where 6x mavericks are a sight that is way too common).
  4. WOW! Please say you're releasing this. That Hatsuyuki destroyer is looking amazing.
  5. Overall the entire VR is noticeably more blurry & washed out than it was. VR is borderline unplayable in DCS 2.7 with all these bugs.
  6. It has been reported to ED already. It's a very simple fix so hopefully skins will be available soon.
  7. F-16 aggressor skins are not available for USAF Aggressors faction, unlike aggressor skins for F-15C and F/A-18C which are available to both USA and USAF Aggressors factions.
  8. Marvelous! You just made my day.
  9. One step closer to dynamic campaign. :)
  10. It is hell of a lot better than what we have now. :smilewink:
  11. +1 Cyprus doesnt need to be detailed at all. Just the RAF Akrotiri.
  12. Mavericks were first planned for April, now we know they are delayed again. Is it reasonable to expect them June 3rd? Can we get some information about Viper development? Has Viper been completly abandoned because of other projects?
  13. Indeed. BigNewy confirmed on Discord that Mavericks are still WIP, almost a month later since the planned "release". Also if you read the Hornet mini-updates, you will know that Viper has been pretty much abandoned until at least 2021. :smilewink:
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