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  1. Keep in mind, through VD or cable the Q2 will discharge at a high rate. It truly stinks for SIMS... nothing you can do. The battery discharges quicker than you can charge it, plugged in. In some sense you're better off doing VD with a spare battery plugged into the back. Will give you more mileage.
  2. Not sure what's going on. Everything was fine, now randomly after binding a considerable amount of F14 16 18 keys, some of them are just refusing to save. I restart DCS or sometimes in the middle of a game, they are gone! ??
  3. Can someone please explain to me whether this can be put in any folder or does it have to be placed into the DCS folder?
  4. I have both. The G2 is far superior for simulations, the Q2 is far superior for everything else. That is all.
  5. Bump... I def find running OpenXR slower on my Reverb G2, also I don't think it allows me to use the FSR downscaling stuff...
  6. Thank you! Is there an updated Simplex? Can't seem to find 2.1
  7. Thanks so much for this insane amount of work! Where is the link for simplex 2.1?
  8. Is clearwater still working in the latest DCS OpenBeta?
  9. That makes more sense! I finally got it to a place Im comfortable with. Also using Steamvr as the OpenXR backend seems to have made it better. Dont think FSR was working before.
  10. Ah gotcha, but there would be no diff between setting it in there vs in DCS. So ill just set it in DCS to make it less confusing. One thing I'm not sure about is why my game keeps opening Oculus... Like it's using the Oculus run-time.
  11. SO FSR will then downscale further from DCS's 80%? Also, my Steam VR has the tick at 150% in All Apps. Do you put that down to 100? https://www.dropbox.com/s/ran4cfrn26ss519/SteamVR.png
  12. Thanks. What render res in steamvr? I can't notice any difference by changing steamvr render scale settings what so ever. In game it's at 1.0 and in WMR its also high quality. Games runs like absolute ass in most areas that have any planes which is odd, it was running WAY better before; not sure what happened.
  13. Anyone use OpenFSR with a Reverb G2 and know the right info to add so that the sharpness/FSR circle is full size of lenses?
  14. I was very excited about filming in DCS and although the cameras are great the replay system is completely non-functional... Just not sure what I am supposed to do? Single player replays are totally corrupted, multiplayer replays don't work either. Nothing seems to work right. Am I missing something, is there some way to improve them? How does anyone film anything if not by using accurate replays?
  15. Is there a way to use this and enable Reshade?
  16. Been having this issue on a ton of birds (CH Pro Throttle + VKB Gladiator NXT) nothing is mixed on my Axis... if I don't start moving rudder on my stick and doing stuff my birds will flat spin into oblivion. Quite odd and frustrating, especially for friends trying VR For first time.
  17. One of the biggest potential areas of improvement in VR is the way interaction is handled with the switches,knobs and gauges. Basically, right now it's very clunky... Super easy to make a mistake because they auto-trigger. VTOL VR does this perfectly both with what happens when hand goes unto stick (binds to stick) as opposed to the opposite, as well as how clicking/feedback is done when interacting with the cockpit.
  18. This is the best cloud implementation I've ever seen even beats MSFS 2020! WOWZA. This would be incredible in DCS. The rays coming through the clouds!
  19. For reference, I'm new here. I've been off - on DCS for many years. Mainly I've always found it too difficult and time consuming to get into. However, I've always been a massive aviation WWII buff, and as of recently and due to the Tomcat, F16 have finally started getting into DCS and I think at it's current state it's absolutely incredible (save for some glaring AI issues, which I also realize are quite tough to iron out). With that said, I find the community quite helpful and pleasant but I'm also quite new. I came across this Youtube video and scoped out the comments and seems many people feel the DCS Community has some type of toxic elitism toward other Simmers. How do you guys feel?
  20. Is there anyway to simply have a VR/Desktop config? with different graphics settings applied at startup so I dont need multiple installs or to clow/open the damn game multiple times? Can't seem to figure this out.
  21. Weird bug here, happening to me on standalone and steam recently. Game keeps re-opening after I quit and after-update... until I kill the process. Anyway to stop this from happening? Pretty annoying
  22. chlywly

    Rain fix

    Tried several times to install this and it makes the loading screen halt at 23%... using Openmodmanager
  23. Clearly an odd business model (no idea how their business functions), but everything is insanely priced and often lacking basics like tutorials and training. They rely on the goodness of the community for literally everything....
  24. Curious, would love to be able to put myself into this game
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