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  1. Same issue here. Tacview shows that my AGM-154A hit the target, but because the A version is not effective at all (looks it didn't have the same overhaul rework than the CBUs had), it doesn't count as I've hit my target. Another option which guarantees a 100% success kill rate would be to switch the A model for the C version.. If you have setup your weapons properly.. it's a 100% kill. Anyway and in any case thanks 100% times for the great campaign love it as I did with the PG A10's one !
  2. Well.. Let's go to that page : https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/products/campaigns/ Click the BUT button on the Krasnodar campaign, you end up on the Peg page. (look the link at the bottom)
  3. Hi.. I'll let my screens speak by themselves. Bought Krasnodar campaign. Was able to download BOTH campaign. Peg campaign is installed.
  4. Hi, I'm a bit puzzled on the doc folder. I've got all the mission briefings + all the kneeboards except the Mission 9 & 10 briefing. I've got all the other ones except those 2 ones in the folder. I've tried to repair DCS as well to no avail, I have no clue where those 2 files are. I'm the only one with that issue? Regards
  5. Hi :) Just tried the fix and it works like a charm ;) @baltic_dragon THANKS A TON ;) Mission and campaign completed ;) It was another masterpiece from you.. and I can't wait for the DLC.. going to be insta-buy ;) Thanks a lot for the fantastic memories you just made in my mind while flying the harrier :)
  6. Same issue here. Nightmare 1-2 is stuck on the ground and as nothing happened when I circle over Norseman later in the mission I suspect not having Nightmare 1-2 airborne is the issue of why the mission is not moving forward. Great set of missions (as ALWAYS :) love your work ! keep it on ;)) Regards
  7. :) * pom pom boy fan mode ON * Again a masterpiece campaign by you Baltic_Dragon.. I love it as much as all the other ones :) One small fix on the first screen of the briefing ;) it's listed as Mission 09, while it's still 8.. :)
  8. 2nd time worked like a charm, I launched from higher / further away from the target.. I guess I didn't activated the SAM-10 this time ;) Thanks again for the great campaign.
  9. Hi, Enjoying the mission and the campaign.. (keep up the fantastic work by the way) But I do have a small issue.. well maybe a big one ;) I release my first 3 JSOW to the first 3 shelters at around.. mmm 45 miles from the target angel 34.. the SA-10 system.. shoot down each of the 3 JSOW.... ^^
  10. For information after the latest patch (testing on March 21st) it solves the issue :) No more bug at the debriefing ;) I'm able to resume the campaign! Hurrah! and great work Baltic_Dragon ;)
  11. Well I don't have any issue on any other mission so far. I do suspect the bug is on ED side as well on this one, but I'd like someone to confirm he has the problem. Well actually the score menu stops working at some during the mission. No wonder the debriefing crash after it, but I'd like to know if the problem is only on my computer or more general
  12. Well still the same issue.. crashing during the debriefing :(
  13. Hi, Anyone was able to reproduce the bug ? I'll try with the new version of the open beta during the week end and I'll keep you informed :) Regards, Crose
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