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  1. Most of my squadron friends fly in vr and they often see the ground targets before me on a flat screen. It sounds more of a you problem than a server problem tbh
  2. Yeah not a fan of this idea, and there is already a sim that caters for the level of detail suggested.
  3. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3320000/
  4. Hopefully these values will be adjusted accordingly when we get the new rounds and ammo belt configs. If not then bump
  5. Yeah I would happily pay full price for a B/C Pony and a Razorback Jug
  6. Yeah this is slightly annoying please can we get an uncage command ED
  7. Yes it would be good if we could get an update to when this is going to be fully functional. thx
  8. this is how i do it. reduce the values to 0.0125 and it makes it really nice with the warthog https://i.imgur.com/7NS9fLC.png
  9. Glad you got it sorted. It's is by far the most rewarding warbird to learn
  10. Yeah once the wheels are up fully close them. The only time I will open them is when climbing hard but apart from that always closed fully
  11. Sorry only just seen the reply. Peachmokey has explained everything
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