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  1. Not even the "best" astrologists claim to be able to infer the discount price out of the used wording alone :lol: But there is no challenge too hard for the DCS community
  2. That's a fantastic idea! Please make it consistent. I don't know how many times i turned off the IFFCC again after the BIT just because i right clicked on that switch :doh:
  3. I very much agree on this one. Having targets is nice but after all it is a flight sim too. It makes zero sense and looks a bit ridiculous too when two static riflemen are guarding a fire truck near a plane on an anyway friendly airfield but no personnell is there that actually refuels the aircraft. Having pilot models or crew chiefs walking around would bring the base to life. No fancy band signals and stuff like on the SC needed
  4. Strange. I just don't know what you mean, can you maybe post a link to one of those videos and tell me where to find it? I never experienced such things.
  5. Moafuleum


    I personally think that the red light on the cockpit gauges in this picture is actually a reflection of the red evening sun and not the actual cockpit lights. In this case the sun is at his (approximate) 5 o'clock position
  6. https://flyingironsimulations.com/blogs/news/flyingiron-2020-beyond-dcs-a7-news-xp11-plans-more
  7. You have to set a trigger in the mission editior manually. I dont know exactly how to do it but something like If health_radar < 50% then disable Of course this is cumbersome can oy be done on one's own missions so no option in the long term
  8. Wags said ages ago in a livestream that there are indeed considerations regarding a modern version. No ETA or the version was stated, however. Probably very low priority..
  9. @IronMike Your location says Austria. As a fellow austrian (i assume?) you must want this bird to become reality as much as i do! :helpsmilie:
  10. Seems to be the case for thr F-5 as well. At least in DCS. The ball us centered there as well without rudder in a turn
  11. Yes, they work. As Zyll also listed you need to not only tell the ground crew to connect ground power but also "tell the plane" to use it. On the left console there are 5 switches (including the reset) for that
  12. If you want a pure trainer which is barely capable of anything else but does that very well, go with the L-39. Outstanding flight model and for another 10$ you should get yourself the Kursant campaign. If you master this campaign, believe me, then you know how to fly.
  13. I couldn't agree more with Furiz' statement as I am in the exact same situation. Right now the package is more or less like the Stennis but with a few animated people on the deck (btw i really appreciate that you put this free new carrier into the game). The LSO platform is nothing like a shifted camera view with a 3D model around me (as far as i was able to see from videos) and the crew barely interacts with me. For now, i dont see it as much of an addition. However my view might change in the future depending in how the module develops. Maybe ED can convince me of purchasing it in the future by turning it into a true gamechanger for me. I seriously hope so because i enjoy naval aviation a lot in this game, with the Hornet as well as with the Tomcat and i also very much look forward to FlyingIron's A-7 fly save and stay healthy
  14. I can't help you with your actual problem, however for this particular mission that you mentioned, it is very helpful to order all your wingmen to turn on their radar and engage enemy fighters. It forces a lot of enemy planes going defensive and takes a whole lot of initiative away from them. Per default the DCS wingmen are not smart enough to do that
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