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  1. I've found that if I set the navigation waypoint altitudes to near 0 ft/meters using the HSI DATA page then the HMD designated target will not shift/move. Not sure why the HMD is tied to the nav waypoint altitudes but give it a try.
  2. Hello, I've seen this bug reported earlier but I think I may have found some more information. I've noticed that the HMD target designation cursor moves if the navigation waypoint elevations are not set to near ground level. The HMD designation function appears to work normally if the navigation waypoint elevations are set to near 0 using the HSI DATA waypoint function. HornetHMDbug1.trk
  3. I would like the ability to draw on the map and also have a blank page on the kneeboard that I can type notes on, with its own bookmark tab. In the video it looked as if only one page can be "pinned" not sure if this is correct or not but I would like the option to pin/bookmark multiple pages.
  4. I had a crash just now on the GAW server as well. Very similar to the OP's crash. Flew an F18 SEAD mission, launched 2 HARMS and landed at Gudauta crashed to desktop during taxi to ramp. It's very rare for me to have a CTD in DCS, maybe a new issue.
  5. I'm having the same issue. I built a carrier trap mission in the Persian Gulf. After I land, I notice that the F-14 is sliding slightly on the carrier deck. When I attach to the catapult there is a lot of shaking back and forth in the cockpit, like the plane is unstable on the deck, the shaking is not noticeable in external view. I've got a feeling this may be related to why the cat won't shoot. I can see my pilot salute from external view and I've checked the speed brake. I have not tried to shut down and restart the plane though.
  6. I've just started this campaign and so far it is awesome. One problem though, my UI for DCS Liberation is too small, especially the map. A lot of the airbase names are overlapping each other making them tough to read and impossible to see the numbers for base strength. I couldn't figure out how to make the UI larger. I've tried clicking and dragging the edges but they appear to not be clickable. Tried a search through the thread too and didn't see anyone else with my problem. HELP!! Thanks :)
  7. I'm having this same issue right now. Did you find a fix for this? My desktop and in game resolution settings are correct and my desktop scaling is set to 100%.
  8. I'm having the same issue that is displayed in the above "testBugRadar" video. Once locked the radar lock square/diamond will not follow the target and the target range indicator on the HUD will not decrement or increment.
  9. Yes, the plane will be less maneuverable at high altitude, again because of the reduction in air density. It's more difficult for the wings to provide lift in the less dense air.
  10. Yeah, just trying to make it easier to understand for him.
  11. The speed of sound (mach) is slower at higher altitudes. https://www.fighter-planes.com/jetmach1.htm Also measured airspeed (indicated airspeed IAS) goes down with altitude vs. ground and true airspeed, because of the way the speed measuring device is effected by the air density at high altitude. What you are seeing is probably related to these.
  12. This video has the key bindings shown for most/all? of the HOTAS. It goes by quick so pause the video and use the , and . keys to advance and rewind the video frame by frame.
  13. After the Harrier was released I was trying to see how far I could toss a GBU12. If I remember correctly I was hitting targets out to around 15nm with a CCIP release from 20-25k feet AGL with a 25 degree climb and a release speed of around 400-450 knts I think. Haven't messed with it in awhile but, might have to try it out again!
  14. Just incase you weren't aware, both the TPOD and FLIR have options for white hot/black hot and switching between them often yields better image quality. One of the settings makes everything pitch black at night with white/green hot spots as you said but the other setting turns everything bright green with dark contacts as the hot spots, this is what I use for night flying. The options for these settings is on the MFDs. I haven't had any issues using the Harrier at night with deferred shading on. The new NVG effect takes a bit to get used to because you can't really see anything in cockpit but I find that it is more effective for seeing out of the cockpit than the old NVG system.
  15. Maybe you could try out this mod, it may help. I haven't used it yet but it looks like it would be useful for this situation. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/2092525/?sphrase_id=10492475
  16. Is there a way to bypass this mission and move on to the next?
  17. I had difficulty getting this mission to complete also. I found that I had to destroy ALL of the enemy targets in the camp, including the buildings, in order for the mission to be successful. Use labels to see which targets are still active.
  18. I tried this and it worked for me. I deleted these files and also the track files in the tracks folder located there. At first I didn't see the .ofsh file cause it's in the saved game/dcs root folder not in the log folder. Dunno if this is a fix or just coincidence yet. Definitely recommending others try it.
  19. Same issue, generally while loading into some multiplayer servers the program becomes unresponsive and I have to end it through the task menu. System specs: 4670k @ 4.2ghz, 16gb RAM, SSD, GTX 1070, Oculus Rift.
  20. Yup, looks like the 5 degrees of flaps is same as the previous 0 degree position visually and speed wise. The flaps coming up to 0 automatically at high speeds seems slow the plane down a bit and helps prevent over speed in dives which is nice. I'm glad that this is fixed, now I can pretty much leave em in auto and not worry about it!
  21. I've noticed that when bombing in the mountains using CCIP that if I don't designate first then the bombs are inaccurate. On flat ground with little target elevation change relative to aircraft elevation the bombs are much more accurate. I assumed that this is due to data from the INS being used for CCIP.
  22. I'm not a pilot nor jet mechanic, here is my question. Some of the replies in this thread indicate that other aircraft can be operated out of limits with only engine life expectancy issues, do these engines also allow the pilot to overspeed the engine intentionally? Because it looks to me like the Harrier allows the pilot to exceed the maximum engine speed of 100% by simply applying more throttle all the way up to 116% of maximum engineered engine speed. This engine appears to be designed to be capable of this for very short periods of time though. Can a leer jet or a 747 run at a higher RPM than 100% by applying full throttle? Because if not then I don't believe the Harrier engine can really be compared to other jet engines. My experience has been that if I never exceed 100% engine speed or only do so for very short periods of time, the engine has no longevity/performance issues in game. Also this sucker usually has no problems taking off or landing at 100% engine speed, if I did encounter a problem though I'd know that I could push it up a bit if absolutely necessary.
  23. The new explosions are great!!! Thanks ED! :pilotfly:
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