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  1. Title says it all, write down your preferable tactics below.:) Thanks, PB8
  2. ok right, lel thx for the replies...
  3. I found this folder on my Bazar\liveries Does this mean a mig-29k in the future or can any1 give me an explanation??
  4. I have this problem in DCS where everytime I startup in my custom missions, the mission would start on the f11 camera view and none of the objects appear.:helpsmilie: Keep in mind this only happens if the custom missions is ai only. Any help would be highly appreciated, thanks.:)
  5. When starting a mission in the mission editor, the game would just go to the F11 camera view and none of the planes would spawn. I run version I have no crash log but i will post my dcs.log file in the replies Mind you, this only occurs when i start missions with ai only, if i am in control over one of the planes, its no problem... Any solution would be highly appreciated, thanks...
  6. :/ Well im happy to report that the problem has been solved, thanks Blaze for your patience with me as its my first time working with channels and so on..
  7. I saved it as 32 bit tga and then put it on dcs and still no solution :(, am I doing something wrong again ??
  8. am i doing it right ??? because it didnt seem to do anything :(, or am i suppoused to do something when saving ?? @darkfire hehe, thanks, and yes they are transparent..
  9. I decided to make my own custom pilot patches and when I did put in on dcs (its on my f-15c btw) I have this problem where there is a white box surrounding the patches, normally, it would just show the patches. fyi. I saved the picture as pilot_F15_patch_18_sqn.tga and i saved it as a .dds file (I added .tga in the end because the default patches did so, but it is a .dds file). I wonder if I did anything wrong in making this and im asking you guys for a possible solution to remove the "white box"... Photos: my custom patches file photo, ( saved as pilot_F15_patch_18_sqn.tga): The problem: Any suggestions highly appreciated..
  10. Well, i would say, at least improve ai tactics on coordination with other flights, because many times, engagements have felt more like a free for all..
  11. The reason I made this thread is that maybe if any of you know more info on fighter tactics than me, we can discuss on it here. Based on what i saw, an engagement with ai on dcs is more like a free-for all, fighters just attack you individually, with no coordination with the rest of the flight, so maybe thats something ED can improve on first, and develop the rest later
  12. Yeah, its a shame, maybe we can get the third-party companies to make the coding for the ai, or is this kinda stupid? idk, if not just implement the fighter tactics that are easier to implement first, and then we'll see
  13. Trust me, I'm sure they can do it themselves as i cant code at all. Start by some research and pilot interviews, I remember watching a documentary once that a soviet tactic against f-15 radar is to blend in with ground reflection and release chaff
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