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  1. Oh boy, I thought I was alone in this. I am not a "super dogfighter", but I could easily ID targets at about 5, 6 or 7 miles out, no problem. Since this update, I LITERALLY cannot see anything as close as 3 nm. That's just not normal or even realistic. Something must have changed in this last update, maybe in the last one, I can't say because I only returned to DCS to fly the F-14A yesterday after a brief break from my computer. I also like to see people popping out charts to attempt to explain how a videogame is trying to be realistic. Even considering realism is a valid point, 3nm and no visual on locked target, something must be wrong... even according to those pretty charts.
  2. Can someone explain to me how to do this? It's just not working anymore.
  3. Solved the issue by deleting the Saved Games/DCS folder. Thanks for the support, btw. I was about to open a ticket but the system encouraged me to open a thread on the forum. Next time, I'll skip the suggestion.
  4. Hi all. After the last update, whenever I join either a single player or multiplayer mission, I ALWAYS get a freeze of about 3 minutes. Searching the system processes, DCS is "not responding", GPU activity is null. After this time waiting, the sim eventuall resumes and I can fly normally. But, if I restart the mission or rejoin the server, the same 3 minute frozen time. Can anyone help? Is this a known issue?
  5. The question is, you guys keep trying new things with each version. No issue there, it's a Beta and you need to try things to sort this thing out. But, you must understand that changing the command lines and not explaining what is new WILL break skins, including those posted on ED's user files page. Therefore, why not just create a post like yours explaining how to solve/remove them before people start banging their heads on walls figuring it out? That's just my point. No offense meant.
  6. These constant "bort number" change is a disrespect for those that spend hours creating textures for DCS. I sincerely hope ED stops "inventing" the numbers designation over and over and having us guess how to remove them. I understand ED doesn't support mods, but they can at least explain how to change these particular lines in the lua file.
  7. There's something wrong with the PSDs of the F-16 paintkit. Not only the dirt effect is too heady (I know I can increase transparency to minimize it) but at least one template, I believe Fuse 2 always gets too dark when exporting the DDS texture. I've tried different DXT options, no matter what I do, it's always darker than all other textures. I've downloaded the paintkit yesterday, so I supposed this was fixed from the early version. Perhaps someone knows a workaround?
  8. The moment you used Star Citizen as an example, you completely lost your point. Eagle Dynamics is nowhere near what Chris is (not) doing. That's a very poor example.
  9. First of all, thank you for not preferring Hoggit over ED's official forum for an official update. It kind of missed the point last time, no matter how important that message of yours was. As for the update itself, these are all good news, basically saying ED is aiming towards quality not quantity. Like I said, I prefer to wait for good updates, than receive bugged, memory leaking dumpster fires.
  10. Once again, Hoggit shouldn't be the source of public support/announcements...
  11. I think people are more bitter from the lack of comms than the lack of a module, to be honest. The unnecessary "secrecy", the lack of communication, the "maybes"... I sincerely think ED needs better PR here (not hoggit), that can take the pulse of this community. A thread about a module is derailing to become a storm of "demands", anger and bitterness.
  12. So, after all this drama, I'm still confused. Wasn't there a notice we would get some news today?
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