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  1. Like I said, it works fine for me. I am not selling anything from my setup since it works . I know people that have these issues as well and I have no idea what causes them and why I do not experience them. I also do not have the time to grab test shots to post them for you. I am very busy. I am running on a Reverb G2. SteamVR is set to native resolution and in game PD is 1.0. Yeah, no clue man. As mentioned about, some of my buddies experience the same thing and it makes no sense to me. They have better systems than I do. I am not running any shader mods / vr mods. Everything is stock. I am afraid to change anything hardware wise on my system.
  2. Don't know what to tell you. I don't have these issues, it runs great. Maybe I am lucky and it's just my combo of hardware, who knows. I am very happy with my setup. I will say, prior to my CPU overclock, I was running into those issues. I OCed it and it all went away. Textures are all on high, water on high, heatblur off (looks like crap), traffic off, shadows low, in cockpit screen res. 512, msaa on 2x, ssaa off, clouds standard, trees and grass on max, preload max, chimney smoke off, anisotropic filtering 16x, terrain shadow default, raindrops on, rest is at default. i7-9700K OC@ 5ghz MSI pro-carbon MoBo 32gb 3200 NVMe Samsung Pro GTX 2080
  3. I have most settings on high (shadows included) with MSAA at 2x. I have good performance all over the map. No VR Mods, running a G2 with steamVR. Altitudes from the ground on up to 60,000ft (apache downlow, jets up high). Flying all over the map (including the populated areas). I'm on a 2080. Runs the same as Syria in the urban areas (45FPS) and better when I get away from them (west / northwest) 60+FPS.
  4. Fine in VR for me. Performs better than Syria, imo.
  5. ah, that is what I was seeing then. SAS was re-centered. Thanks
  6. I know exactly how the Force trim works. Been flying it for a long time now and tested it thoroughly. You were wrong for telling the guy his question wasn't relevant. It was relevant. In the section of the video he is asking about, Wags is explaining how to use the force trim release bind to help establish and hold the pedals to maintain the trim you want. He asked if it was a trim mode, it is not. This is a thread titled "Force Trim." Perfectly relevant question to ask... Anyway, apologies for the derail everyone.
  7. There was no ill intent to stain any credibility. Simply pointing out that what was asked was completely relevant to this Force Trim thread. Clearly, this was a misunderstanding with the use of language.
  8. Ok, I think you are just misconstruing what I am saying, as well as what that person asked in their question, as you stated English is not your native language. Anyway, moving on now.
  9. The guy asked what Wags was referring to in his video. Wags was explaining how to use the Force trim to hold the pedal position to keep the aircraft in nose to tail trim.
  10. You should be trimming your aircraft out to reduce workload. Just a good practice to have. No where in the above did I say "all steering adjustments have to do with the force trim release," you are taking what I am saying way out of context and need to re-evaluate. The guy asked "What is the nose to tail trim mode I see Wags mention in his landing video?" . I explained it wasn't a mode and that wags was explaining how to use the force trim to hold nose to tail or aerodynamic trim. You then told him his question wasn't relevant to this force trim thread, which is just plain inaccurate.
  11. When you are trimming for nose to tail or aerodynamic trim, you set the pedals then use the force trim to set new pedal position.... again, everything to do with the force trim. You really shouldn't have to hold the pedals in a direction with force trim available. Reduce your workload... Their question was perfectly valid.
  12. but it has everything to do with the force trim. You use the force trim to set the pedals to make what he asked happen.
  13. it's not a mode, he is physically trimming the pedals so that the Apache is flying in nose to tail trim.
  14. Required on a cold start Apache.
  15. The only time I can get the Heading Hold mode to engage is after pressing and holding the Force Trim Release for a 3 seconds while under 40kts. Does that seem right? If I trim out the pedals to keep me facing one way, it doesn't seem to hold the same as if I press and hold the FTR and release. I have to actively try to change the heading after pressing and holding FTR. Are you seeing this too?
  16. Icefire stepped down from USLANTCOM and I can't edit his post. USLANTCOM is not recruiting Harrier pilots at this time.
  17. Turn up the PRIMARY knob on the lighting panel by your left butt cheek. It is off by default on cold start.
  18. yeah, it's really helpful. Read it a few times now.
  19. For now, I would just read the publicly available -10 AH-64D Operators Manual.
  20. Happy AH-64D Pre-Order day. USLANTCOM still has open slots within our U.S. Army branch. 10th Mountain Division, 6th Squadron, 6th Cavalry. The Outcasts flying the AH-64D Apache Longbow and the Assassins flying the OH-58 Kiowa Warrior Currently fighting in KA-50's (Outcasts) and SA-342's (Assassins) we will transition to the AH-64D & OH-58 upon release. Apply today at http://www.vcvw-11.com
  21. Good afternoon everyone! I'd like to announce that USLANTCOM has gathered our in-house experts, gotten our documentation together, and completed the training programs for our newest branch The US Army. From the 10th Mountain Division, 6th Squadron, 6th Cavalry. The Outcasts flying the AH-64D Apache Longbow The Assassins flying the OH-58 Kiowa Warrior Currently fighting in KA-50's (Outcasts) and SA-342's (Assassins) they will transition to the AH-64D & OH-58 upon release. The Six Shooters will complete our unified command structure at USLANTCOM, we welcome our Army brothers and sisters and hope to welcome all of you into The Virtual United States Atlantic Command! Join up today at http://www.vcvw-11.com
  22. Increase the wind and you will start to see waves. It helps break up the water and see where the water is at.
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