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  1. It is a shame really, DCS has been one of the best VR experiences since I got a Rift CV1 five years ago, those aircraft cockpits are beautifully realised and it's such a pleasure landing the Huey on the back of a ship or flying the Hornet or Spitfire pretty much anywhere. Combined Arms could have been an amazing experience, but it feels like the forgotten child that no one ever really liked.
  2. I don't think the way you put this is complaining, it reads more like objective feedback to me. OK, 'horrible' might be a bit subjective, but I think it's clear what you mean.
  3. Ah, so what we are saying is not much has happened in the three and a half years since I started this thread :thumbup:
  4. From what I've read you need to factor in the price of a cooling system that only a few years ago would have bought you a high end GPU, it looks like once the revs get near the red line, you can boil soup.
  5. I never realised that Oculus ever supported Win7, I think you've had a good run there. Win10 is fine, just go with it. Do you have any compelling reason to stick with Win7? The oldest software I run is CorelDraw 9 from about 15 years ago and it runs fine. edit: There's obviously a problem but Oculus and Win10 play nicely on most systems, there must be something unique about your setup. Are you saying Oculus works but just not in DCS or does it not work at all?
  6. I've been pretty lucky with mine so far and I'm really happy with it. Haven't had any of the gremlins that you read about, and the clarity is just so good. I love the comfort of it compared to the Rift S, and the distant detail I see is the best I've experienced in VR. I have a little test mission that I use to compare performance, and there are planes I now see in the sky that I never even noticed before with the CV1.
  7. I'm making my first visit to Flying Legends this weekend, looking forward to it seeing as it's the 75th anniversary of D-Day. I was in Normandy for the 50th, and it was nice to see so many old guys revisiting the scene of their younger adventures. Those chaps will all be older now, I hope they can make it, but at least a lot of the hardware is still in fine shape and will look and sound as good as ever. If I see any Russians bearing microphones I'll be sure to say hello.
  8. I've had this both in the CV1 and the Rift S, definitely a tracking problem. Never quite got to the bottom of it, but my hunch was it had some connection to where the controllers and HMD were when you fired up the headset, so that with the CV1, I always moved back a bit so that the sensors and touch controllers had a really good view of the headset before moving closer to my joystick and pedals once it had started. With the S, it seemed to happen more if I put the headset on, then scrabbled around for the controllers after the software launched. By launching oculus software first, then making sure that the headset and controllers can see each other and pressing all the buttons as I put the headset on it seemed to lose tracking less. Very unscientific I know, but it might help. Restarting the oculus software from the settings>beta tab while the headset was on my head also helped to fix some of the many gremlins.
  9. I think the decent blacks come from the fact that the screens are quite bright, so there is good contrast between lights and darks. It's like a cinema screen is all white, but once an image is projected you perceive black areas. I'm finding the Reverb to have slightly better contrast and blacks in daytime scenes than the Rift S. Night time/space though is a different matter, as you don't necessarily have the bright areas to fool your eyes into seeing blacks as much. Having said that, the Steam VR grid area has a night time sky and it certainly looks decent. Also, just did a quick test on IL2 BoS (which is a title I never found much time to play up to now) and I would agree with all the points noted above. I have turned on the WMR motion smoothing so it runs at a steady 45fps, but is very smooth and detail and clarity are very impressive, to the point where makes me want to play this game more. Edit: one thing I did notice in IL2 was the mouse not working in VR, I had to prop the Reverb on my forehead and navigate with the mouse on the mirrored image on my monitor, so a bit of a glitch there, although that might be due to inexperience with the WMR/IL2 combination.
  10. Great write up there Tinkickef, I agree with what you have written. In the Huey cockpit, you can now tell the difference between 3D modelled screw heads and 2D jpeg ones on the various instrument panels. It's always tricky going to a whole new software ecosystem and I'm as lost as you are. The nose gap is too well engineered and you can't peep out through it. I'm also happy with it so far and I think it's worth the money, but I think we were lucky to have Luckey on our side for the CV1, that was a premium product.
  11. I plugged in the Reverb, everything installed automatically and I was up in about 10min. It's the joys of PC gaming.
  12. Just got a Reverb and I am entering the world of WMR for the first time. Seems oddly old fashioned to be editing config files rather than toggling it in the main steam VR settings. Do you WMR guys see this as a feature that will be more integrated into Steam VR in the future? How is the WMR system in terms of support and development? I've only had Oculus before and their software support has generally been good. Does Valve/Steam support VR better than Microsoft?
  13. It's fascinating to pool information and compare the different points of view. I like Imacken's Vive pro comparison, and having never tried one of those it helps to put everything in context.
  14. I have my 7700K running slightly over at 4.6ghz, other than that it's all stock speeds. I'll do a more detailed look over the weekend, I'll run a stock mission and post settings. That was just my very first impressions that I wanted to share. No affiliation with HP, I got the Reverb because the Rift S is giving me bad headaches, otherwise I think I would have been happy with it.
  15. I'm about 62, I did struggle to get a stable sweetspot with the S, but the Reverb feels better in that respect, but I'm not seeing equal clarity from edge to edge, if you keep your head still and move your eyes to the edge, there is a noticeable drop in sharpness, edges are kind of like CV1 in the centre, but smooth without the screen door, and a bit of chromatic aberration. I guess we have got into the habit of moving our whole head to look at things in VR, and that isn't quite over yet.
  16. So I just had time to set up the Reverb and have a quick blast before bedtime. First impressions very positive. For me much more comfortable than the Rift S, generally smaller and lighter, like a lighter leaner CV1. Visuals, very crisp indeed, about the same step up from the S as the S was from the CV1. I'd say it is on a par with my old 27" 1080p monitor, I can see the screen grid looking at a smooth white wall but it's not intrusive and barely noticeable in games. Sound is decent, maybe a slight notch below the CV1 phones, but a hundred times better than the S. They flip up nicely out of the way too. The lens sweet spot was easy to find, there is some chromatic aberration around the edges but nothing too distracting to me. FoV pretty much the same as CV1/Rift S. Installation worked fine and I was up and running in about 10min. Performance in DCS seemed fine, not massively different to the S in fact, running medium settings, I was getting reasonable fps, but that's without any tweaking, but I certainly found it playable. Cockpit detail was excellent and spotting distant aircraft was much better. I've not tried the lock to 60fps as I've only just found that in the software. I tried PC2, DCS World and Aerofly FS2 and all ran fine, so I'd imagine anyone with 1080ti spec PCs would easily be able to find playable settings. I couldn't get Dirt Rally going in VR, is that Oculus only? I'll get some more time in over the weekend but so far I'm pretty pleased with it. If I had gone from CV1 to Reverb, I'd be amazed, but the Rift S does have a pretty good screen. It feels like a proper successor to the CV1 and is lighter and more comfortable by a large margin for me personally. Also, even though I ordered and paid for a consumer version, they sent me the pro, with the leather face pad and the additional shorter cable.
  17. Never had any experience with WMR, a whole new world to discover.
  18. It's a jolly nice surprise to get the delivery email a week early, mine arriving tomorrow too. Best thing is that I'm still in the return window for the Rift S, so I can make my best choice between the two.
  19. I've tried this on one or two sims and also on my PS4, it generally works well, but you might come up against the odd hard coded binding that refuses to change mapping. It's a cheap solution though, and certainly in VR it hardly matters what it looks like. If you could position it in real space to perfectly match the location of the buttons in the cockpit I bet you could use it even without being able to see your hands.
  20. Let's face it, if you could you would :smilewink:
  21. Hehe I hope he's a bit more gentle than that with it :music_whistling: Just got my confirmation email from HP, Reverb expected next Tuesday :pilotfly: excited.
  22. And why the heck not? You have to spend it on something DB is a kind of VR public servant, buying stuff for the good of us all.
  23. Oh yes. In the week I've had the S I think I have done more faffing and troubleshooting than in the 3 years with the CV1. Last night's little trick was getting a CRITICAL ERROR (their caps not mine) message saying the right controller had lost battery power. Changed the battery, still the same, restarted Oculus software from inside the beta tab and hey, 100% battery. For five minutes, then lost it again, repeat five times. On top of that I've had the black screen, white static, and severe headache from the strap being too narrow and crushing my temples. Other than that it's good I've ordered a Reverb, and if it checks out I think the S will most likely be going back. I'll hang on to it for now though so long as I'm in the return window, it may just be teething troubles.
  24. I think the extra cable you get with the pro version is actually a short one, designed to be used with VR backpack/laptops. 4m for the standard cable on retail version of both units according to the HP mole on Reddit.
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