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  1. Line 41 ( event.target:getController():setCommand(SmokeOn) ) activates smoke from smoke pod. Color is set by the pod you mount on plane. It only seems to work for AI I don't know why (for client / player, smoke pod can only be activated with a keypress. Trigger or script don't work). So I also added next line. Line 42 ( trigger.action.ctfColorTag(event.target:getName() , (event.target:getCoalition() == 1 and 2 or 5)) ) activates smoke without pod, by default comes from exhaust. It's set like this : "2" (red smoke) for coalition "1" (red), and "5" (blue smoke) for other coalitions (blue or neutral). Color numbers are described here : DCS func ctfColorTag - DCS World Wiki - Hoggitworld.com (I corrected the script in previous post because I wrote 0 instead of 1 for red coalition - 0 is neutral) The script makes a table of planes at mission start, and does add to table planes when they eventually spawn later (AI or client/player). When one of them is hit it does activate the smokes for 5 seconds, with a message giving plane types (or player names). During the 5 seconds the target is removed from table and added again after to detect further hits.
  2. You can use this script (copy - Ctrl C - and paste - Ctrl V - in a "do script" action box at mission start : test-smoke-on-hit-script.miz
  3. I don't know with this exact terms, my DCS is in french. But "activate" a flag using M.E. is setting a flag value to 1, "deactivate" set value to 0. A flag is true as long as its value is positive (1, 2, 3...), and false as long as its value is 0. If you don't want flags there is a simpler solution with your example : use "switched condition" triggers instead of "once". "switched" means you need the opposite state to be true in first, beforer a condition can be detected, which in the case of not yet spawned blue group means that it needs to spawn in zone before being detected out of zone. Example attached but it is just the 2 "once" triggers turned to "switched" triggers... Activate Test-(switch).miz
  4. Hi, yes you can get this by delaying your flight by 1 second (as player flight). This way, if AI hornets next wpt at start is RTB on the carrier, this will be active priority task "in the queue" (before your presence on the deck will "reserve" the 4 cats). Example attached. It is also possible to set you as "client" and start as spectator, and select client slot after 1 second, but I think 1st method is prefered. test-cold-start+landing-hornets.miz
  5. Issue happens because both blue groups start from runway, so 1 of them is out of zone until it spawns (triggering red activation). I modified your file with 1 of the possible solutions. Activate Test.miz
  6. Wings folded on my side (up to date openbeta). Try a repair ?
  7. @v81, I think it may be possible to check objects at spawn spot inside a function, called when a player select a slot, and refuse or valid the spawn. I have no MP scripting exp., nor any way to test, so this has 99% chances to be an error, but a script example I can think off :
  8. @Gunfreak time > 300 sec as condition for "mission start" is not supposed to happen. It should work with a "once" trigger.
  9. @sirrah or include the cold start duration (I think it only depends on the AC type, but it is fixed duration) into your START trigger delay for uncontrolled. EDIT : but of course only if cold start duration is smaller than the delay you want, or your described solution is the only one that works.
  10. Hi, you need cockpit triggers to do that (described from page 155 of DCS User Manual EN 2020.pdf), not script for what I know. I attached a miz file example with Hornet on ramp. Tune 1 of the 2 radio comms to 121.000 to get flag activated/message. Tune both out of 121.000 to get flag deactivated/message. To get parameter's name you need, you also need a debug console (DCS-bios mod). Example of similar thread with answers by @Rudel_chw : test-Hornet-radio-tuned-trigger.miz
  11. UNCONTROLLED. When setting an AI group to a “Takeoff from Ramp” (cold start) waypoint, the Uncontrolled check box can be used to have the AI group appear at their starting location on the ramp, but not begin the spool up sequence until initiated by an AI TASK trigger as set by the START Command in the Triggered Actions of the group. In this case, the group aircraft will appear in the mission in parked configuration and remain as such until triggered to “come alive” (from DCS User Manual EN 2020.pdf)
  12. Yes any unit, whatever the type, that you include 'Awacs' as part of the unit/pilot name. Be sure that it has a radar (script checks for radar detection only, and I didn't put a check for Awacs unit having a radar). It is supposed to work with multiplayers of both blue and red side (everyone gets menu with own side Awacs).
  13. Thanks. Attached here is updated script (also updated example in previous post). Now Unit/Pilot name just need to include 'Awacs'. Make as many as you want. I made the needed changes (sub menu with list of Awacs - if more than 10 I will need to add 2nd page sub menu etc...) and I added a function (UpdateAwacs()) in case you spawn new Awacs purposed units. Stand alone, won't interract with other custom radio items. EDIT : except of course if I named my functions with names existing in other scripts... I removed "cheat" for Helo radar. test-scripted-Awacs-v2.lua
  14. @near_blind Thanks again, for valid and complete information.
  15. Just a note, it works OK if you use any ship as awacs, but Tarawa seems to have an issue with very low radar range detection.
  16. @near_blind much thanks for chime in. My bad I had an issue that made me conclude to something false. Ticonderoga works fine with getDetectedTargets(), but Tarawa, that I was testing with, doesn't seem to work normally as I had no target radar detection (in fact not until less than 30Kms away). Having a look at units database I linked, I saw no ["sensors"] for ships and concluded all ships had an issue with that. Both ship should detect targets within 150Kms and below 30Kms and 20Kms high, but for a reason Tarawa can't. Attached tracks for both. tarawa-radar-detec.trk ticonderoga-radar-detec.trk
  17. DCS-miscScripts/ObjectDB at master · mrSkortch/DCS-miscScripts · GitHub While aircraft, helos or air defenses have sensors in their lua, no ship has any. That means that no ship's sensor can be used to work with scripting function getDetectedTargets() DCS func getDetectedTargets - DCS World Wiki - Hoggitworld.com At least that is my issue from what I can see, maybe ships' sensors can be accessed by another mean ? Example in this thread :
  18. I don't know why, but no Ship in DCS has ["sensors"] in its attributes (while obviously they have and can use them in game...). No way to use Ship with getDetectedTargets function (except for visual detection). But, out of usual awacs aircraft, you can use any unit that has a ["sensors"] - radar to do that. (Plane, EWR, Helo...) In attached example a SH-60B, following the Tarawa and that has ["sensors"] (AN/APS-142 - radar), is used as awacs. Select a client on Tarawa (Apache or Harrier) and ask with F10 radio item for picture. (DCS-miscScripts/SH-60B.lua at master · mrSkortch/DCS-miscScripts · GitHub) To use the script in your own mission, use a mission start trigger, with do script files as actions, loading mist and the scripted awacs script like in my example (you can extract both lua scripts from example using 7zip). Then give a unit - that has radar sensor as attribute ! - the unit name/pilot name : Awacs. Any Player or Client of same coalition in mission will get a radio item to ask for picture to Awacs unit, that will send specific message (BRA) to asking unit. Relative to Awacs unit sensor capabilities, message can (or can't) define target type, range, altitude. In all cases it will define bearing. (I've cheated for the case of Helo Awacs, allowing for range-altitude to be known, because AN/APS-142 seems unable to get these datas). Also, for example, EWR can detect helos while helo awacs can't (can only detect planes). Edit : updated script in example. test-Tarawa-Awacs.miz
  19. @Belphe I just tried and it is working (blue AH64d cold with low fuel and no weapon at Groom lake, asked rearm/refuel with "comm menu" "/").
  20. EDIT : @Dozer1606688093 now it works by default in mission editor ! when adding a static, just click on the arrow (unit <>X out of <>X) to add other statics and build a FARP that you can save as group template and use it where you want.
  21. @skypickle these are default wpt actions (dues to main task) that are meant for AI.
  22. @skypickle you can place the AI blackhawk cold start from parking, late activated by radio, and the Client Blackhawk cold start from ground on the same spot. When you spawn in the escort, you can activate with radio the AI BH, or wait for Client BH to spawn (in both cases the radio item is then removed). Example attached (Client BH is an apache). test-AI-client-same-spot.miz
  23. AH64Blk2 track : for a reason, when enemy vehicle is placed on map's border (low quality ground texture), the apache doesn't see it (only try to avoid fire). Enemy moved more "inside" of the map : no issue (apache sees it from good distance and does engage).
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