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  1. toutenglisse's post in AI Apache (A,D,D Block II) doesn't attack target was marked as the answer   
    AH64Blk2 track : for a reason, when enemy vehicle is placed on map's border (low quality ground texture), the apache doesn't see it (only try to avoid fire). Enemy moved more "inside" of the map : no issue (apache sees it from good distance and does engage).
  2. toutenglisse's post in Mission goals not adding points correctly was marked as the answer   
    @N1vram, I made these changes :
    - removed  the "0" mission point objectives, causing trouble
    Edit : following is not true - only issue seems to be the objectives above
    - added a "Time > 10s" condition to the 3 triggers "clear town" (1, 2 and 3) because at mission start they are clear (no enemy activated) and flags are true (giving auto 30 mission points each).
    Doing that, only the 4 control flags you activate with trigger "Choose units to activate" are true or value increased by 1, and so entering/exiting the mission gives 4 mission points as expected.
  3. toutenglisse's post in Artificial intelligence will not attack with radar-guided missiles was marked as the answer   
    Hi, it is hard to tell exactly what happens with AI tactics and weapon employement in your scenario that has high AIR and SAM threats on both sides, but in your mission as it is, AI does employ AIM-120c or R27R/AIM-54, but not very often. (see picture example)
    I'd say that ECM implementation in Hornet, pretty recently, does affect Fox-3 employement for both sides.
    Turning all Ships and SAMs sites to "Green state" alert makes Fox-3 much more used on both sides. (less ECM need, more occasions to shoot Fox-3 for both sides)
    As a side note, as it doesn't seem to affect your issue, your mission is pretty old : old weather, old CAP tasks without all actual options activated. 

  4. toutenglisse's post in Scud vehicle movement was marked as the answer   
    Your issue is that the "firing spot" is not suitable. Scuds need relatively clear and flat surface to be able to zero angles with rams, and roads direct vicinity has some steep there. I moved the "firing spot" a few meters away offroad and all units can fire.

  5. toutenglisse's post in Please NO! Scripts now simply silently fail? was marked as the answer   
    When I run the .miz I get :

    And when I remove the function blattant.error2(), I get :

    And also in DCS.txt logs :
    2022-05-01 19:05:53.623 ERROR   SCRIPTING: Mission script error: [string "blatant = {}..."]:4: Parameter #2 (delay) missed
    stack traceback:
        [C]: ?
        [C]: in function 'outText'
        [string "blatant = {}..."]:4: in function 'error'
        [string "blatant = {}..."]:8: in main chunk
  6. toutenglisse's post in Speed of sound incorrect? was marked as the answer   
    I hear no gun sound playing your track. What you call gun sound, is in fact ground impacts sound (another bug imo, described just below). When I reproduce the same scene I can hear the gun sound just after the impacts.
    But there is another issue in both your track and my own test : there are 2 impacts sounds : ground impacts (just before visual impacts) and target impacts (same time than visuals).
  7. toutenglisse's post in Can't get back into pilot seat was marked as the answer   
    This ? :
  8. toutenglisse's post in DCS reports burning ground units as statics. was marked as the answer   
  9. toutenglisse's post in Units stop obeying "switch waypoint" was marked as the answer   
    Hi, using RIO as example, the issue is having 2 "switch wpt" on the same wpt6 (even with different conditions), it is what makes the first "switch wpt" to only happen once, and the second "switch wpt" is BTW uneffective because the Tanker will stop wherever he is (ex : between wpt3 and 4) when conditions of first one are no longer met, and go to wpt7 without reaching wpt6 before.
    I can't tell what is normal or not, it is just what I can see.
  10. toutenglisse's post in AI wingman ignores targets designation with JDAMs was marked as the answer   
    Hi Simba, your issue is due to 2 factors that are not very clear when you don't really understand them.
    1st is : as you lead the flight as player, you never reach your waypoints from the AI wingman perspective. Only AI flight reaches its wpts and so applies the wpts actions. So only the actions made in wpt zero (spawn) are applied to AI wingman if leader is player.
    2nd is : ROE only designated means engage only targets designated in wpt actions. But your 1st priority wpt action is CAS-a so all ground targets (but with threat priority) will be engaged, not only target designated in "en route" task. If you want the "en route" target to be the only one you need to delete CAS-a.
    Here a post from @Grimes that gives a detailed explanation of ROE etc... : 
    And attached is your mission with some modifications (CAS-a deleted, deletion of unnecessary actions, actions transfered to first wpt (wpt 0) for AI wingman effectiveness). I've not tested as designed (player + AI) but with AI only flight and auto trigger of SEAD and Strike packages, but it should work now.
  11. toutenglisse's post in "OR" condition problem was marked as the answer   
    You cannot switch OFF with these settings. The flag can only have value 1 or 0 so it never reach a value that switch the trigger OFF. It is always ON. And as the conditions are true from start the trigger does nothing.
    For the trigger to work you need to switch from a false condition to a true condition. (example : from any value except 1 or 0 to value 1 or 0)
  12. toutenglisse's post in Can't make out the carrer deck runway was marked as the answer   
    Anisotropic filtering to 2X definitely makes deck lines blurry and quickly fade away with distance. Set it to 16X.
    Edit : this is for Stennis. With SuperCarriers there is no difference.
  13. toutenglisse's post in Are MIST scripts working? was marked as the answer   
    Here is a rough example :
  14. toutenglisse's post in adding Aircraft carrier in mission not able to see the deck was marked as the answer   
    Hi, you have to press the button with a battle tank icon on it, in mission editor on the down border. It enables models to show up on the map.
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