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  1. There are many chats about the issues with the Trains in DCS, from riding below the tracks on some maps, to not following programming inputs...etc etc Can ED Please tackle this, I know its not perhaps a game stopper for many people, but its so horribly neglected that at times would be better if they were removed altogether. The various Train bugs...have been around for years now, time to fix please !!
  2. I think most of us who use the ME have a sound effects stack of files...BUT, some ready to go options...battle sounds, ATC, etc linked to the ME would be fantastic...
  3. Has this been taken up by ED...it look really horrible....sad that the trains get so little attention..
  4. Hi Guys, ED needs to please make a change to allow the DC3 to use the GRASS airfields on this channel map. Its crazy that it can only use Haydon Hope this gets some attention...the old Dac...its just such a big part of any WW2 mission build
  5. Hi, Thank you for reporting the snag. I hoped we might see a fix in the latest update...maybe soon fingers crossed
  6. I have tried to simulate a German Sub sneaking close to the South East coast and dropping commandoes etc...but the water is so very shallow...9 ft 8 miles off shore !, this cannot be correct, even running on the surface the U boats run aground miles from the shore. Please can we make the Channel Map water significantly deeper everywhere.... It will help with more ship movements as well...around the coastal harbours...and into the river esturies.
  7. Hi, I am also having this snag, loading freezes on ...OBJECTS. I have mentioned this to Bignewey. He says it was supposed to have been sorted
  8. Hi, Please confirm to delete those folders contents....or delete the folders completely. Thank you
  9. I am just glad I am not alone with this....pretty sure its related to the last update. Would like BigNewey to look at this
  10. Thank you guys....typo for me as well on the left shift
  11. I thought I had working trains...except for the speed issue...then after last update...ALL VANISHED smoke only.... Plus the click on option does not work...Left Shift / F 10 This issues is almost AS OLD AS DCS itself....come guys, really needs urgent attaention !
  12. I have a mission thats been fine for over a year,,,just noticed that the Carriers sporn as normal...but do not follow their waypoints. Tried moving them to deeper water...helped 1...but not 2 more...talking about...nowhere near any coast...middle of the sea ! Is this a new Bug on the Gulf map ? I have been working on the Channel map...could have happened after last update
  13. I reccon that is very possible...fingers crossed, thanx Oban
  14. Is it possible to get an idea when the Island of Cyprus will be added to the Syria map..thanx
  15. We so Badly need WW2 naval combat ships...and an Allied Submarine.
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