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  1. OK, so I tried it again and the uploader came up with a sound file it didn't like and asked if I wanted to delete it, and i said yes, and it deleted it and then finished loading and all is good now. Strange as I have no mods, I guess it saw a file it didn't like. hope the log may help. Away to map controls now
  2. Hi All, Just got home and updated fine, then loaded DCS and went to add the Apache, and it got about a third of the way through and locked up. the only way I could get it to unfreeze was to push the power button and do a reboot. I did find what I am pretty sure is the log for the event. I will try again and report back. dcs.log
  3. Hi, yes I am getting the Viggen campaign pop up also, also appears as if in offline mode also, as it gives a days and hrs remaining as if in offline, and I was definitely online. Click ok, and all is ok.
  4. To make a long story shorter, I Got the I-16 about 1 or two years ago and and only did a few quick start missions, and it was in the hanger since. life got in the way and sim time got short, and my computer died and so I built a new one. I never did a landing and only a few air starts, as the Jug took up most of my small amount of flight time lately. So, the other day I wanted to fly slow around the Channel map, and look around, so I thought it would be a good time to try the I-16 or Yak again. I loaded a mission, and mapped the I-16. well, 2 crashes and a quick manual brush up later, I flew this mission. My first take off and landing! what a blast it was! wow it is twitchy on the ground, but wonderful to fly in the air. I never even used the landing gear before, so I was working off of what little memory I had. But any way, I got in the air (barely) then was like, OK... so now I need to raise the gear and about crashed doing it...so I managed to get the gear up... I had planned to fly around for awhile, so I took drop tanks... (never used them before) and 4 rockets for the experience, as I had never used them either. so, I'm flying down the coast from Manston, looking at all the controls, as I was really still unsure of them and what they all did. Then... oh no! what happened? … the engine started running really bad... Dammit I blew it up, but wait a minute, let me check a few things, so I dropped tanks and checked, Mags, fuel and blower and mixture. All ok. So rough on both mags and losing rpms and manifold pressure.. Drat!... Dammit man, turn around and head back to Manston... I really need to get rid of these rockets...wow its running bad, the whole airplane is lurching as it misses and turns on and off, I expected it to quit any second. Airfield in sight! I line up in an easy right turn... FINAL... oh no, I NEED TO GET THE GEAR DOWN! mind ya I never lowered the gear, or landed this plane before, I was freaking out...OK gear down... then I made the mistake of lowering the flaps and stalled about 40 ft over the runway... I dumped it on the runway, and the gear held.. right wing down and ground loop, I was down safe! Taxied away. Post flight debrief, I believe I over boosted the engine as I had no idea of power settings, and the engine failed soon after I switched the blower, or as it was too hot, then I opened coolers, then forgot to close them after the engine cooled off, so I may have over cooled it. That was a fun flight, as the unexpected problems really test one's skills and reminded me of why DCS is still my favorite sim. the track file is too big I need to cut 1.6 meg to post it, I'm working on it Edit: I finally figured out how to post this track my 3rd I16 flight sick eng.trk.lnk
  5. glad he is back, and as blunt and funny as ever!
  6. Exactly, I had no elevator control, I had to use trim to get the nose to come up, then it goy low enough in alt. the plane came out of it. like graf spee said it was slightly above 15,000 feet. I started the dive about 32,000 chasing a 190d below me.
  7. I hit compressibility last week, I think I kept a track, it was so coo[. Very severe shaking, then it went away at lower alt. At least I think that is what it was, as it went away. I didnt have a chance to use the recovery flaps....
  8. hi, this is a shot in the dark as I have not had this issue, Try deleting the fxo and metashaders2 folders in the saved games folder. these are the graphics and shader files. the game will rebuild them on startup, so it will take longer on first load after. also try a clean up and repair. let us know how you make out. hope this helps. also, are you using any mods? if so disable them.
  9. I would think that if someone made a 172 or most any other plane that was up to DCS standards, and protocols, I don't think ED would have a problem with it. It would also be an avenue for someone to do a not so complicated plane to learn the ropes so to say, and move on to more complicated projects. to be honest, I kind of like the idea.
  10. Hi all, as of yesterdays update, I had constant crash on loading situation. I did repair, cleanup,fxo and metashader folder delete. nothing worked. I finally fixed it by reverting a version, launching the game, then updated to current version and it loaded. I sent several crash reports, so they can be disregarded. must have been a corrupted file or something, as I updated yesterday, but did not try to play till today. Strange, anyway I just wanted to pass this on if someone else the same problem.
  11. I just updated my computer yesterday to windows 10 from 7 for free, so it works still. the first screen afterwards was setting of telemetry, I turned most of them off. it was surprisingly easy
  12. Hi, The thing to remember is the minimum maneuvering speed is 150 knots, and P-47 weighs almost 7 tons. it gets really mushy(sluggish) under 230 Kn with a clean configuration. also it IS a stick and rudder aircraft! meaning it does not want to fly coordinated turns naturally, the opposite rudder is counter-intuitive, and depending on power settings, can be extreme, but just remember to keep the ball centered with the rudder. Practice flat 90 degree break turns at 275 Kn, first one axis at a time; gently, as the controls are more sensitive the faster you go, meaning roll, then pull gently, to do the roll then the turn, one input at a time, keeping the ball centered in a coordinated turn and exit the turn with the same airspeed as when entering the turn. once able to do that in combat Don't turn, zoom climb, level at 275 kn to extend out, then turn, and re-engage, use the weight of your aircraft to maintain your energy, think of it is kind of like a pendulum, when you run out of, or get low in E , then turn and swing the pendulum the other way.
  13. hi, I got a chance to fly a little while this weekend, and the flashes are back
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