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  1. HUGE +1 - this is the bane of DCS multiplayer right now, people having to much intel based off a select screen, where intel is everything
  2. @BIGNEWY@NineLine Is this reported yet to the devs (I don't want this one to get lost), its a CA breaker right now and my server relies on CA, I have lost 30% of my population being the most heavy user of CA in the multiplayer server list, basically, the units needs to follow the path the user sets and not veer off on its own, the game taking its own path is causing this. When I send in a path to the API tasking a group, it drives completely fine and runs the path, so its between the CA f10 menu set path waypoint code I believe (wish I could help you with it being a developer) Thanks (and yes I am back from being burnt out from DCS, have have some some magic with DDCS, its running really well, very fast, even with lots of units on the ground moving, had over 100 moving at the same time a few days ago before 2.7)
  3. I wish my server didn't say "mission ended" when you join it, its annoying (I don't use any part of the in game mission start/end system)
  4. Yep we spent 4-5 hours yesterday trying everything and figured it out, place a unit on the runway, then spawn there and take off, crash everytime, even in single player
  5. I have some more crash logs for you Big Newy, constantly crashes, essentially made DDCS a ghost server... I cant generate track files because it will degrade the server bigtime - if we make it crash on command we will pull off to the side and make a simple track file, just takes us lots of time to do I have 5 of my most dedicated server players trying to debug as we speak (because they cant play) - will update you if we find anything, we think it has something to do with auto ATC tasking while you drive around an airport, or on take off raising the gear up dcs.log-20210420-014031.zipdcs.log-20210420-002016.zipdcs.log-20210420-000049.zipdcs.log-20210419-225736.zipdcs.log-20210419-040729.zipdcs.log-20210419-003703.zipdcs.log-20210419-001748.zipdcs.log-20210418-232354.zipdcs.log-20210418-202434.zipdcs.log-20210418-150753.zipdcs.log-20210418-013328.zipdcs.log-20210418-005533.zipdcs.log-20210418-003302.zipdcs.log-20210417-034657.zipdcs.log-20210417-032915.zipdcs.log-20210416-191847.zipdcs.log-20210416-141419.zipdcs.log-20210415-183958.zipdcs.log-20210415-040112.zipdcs.log-20210415-032616.zipdcs.log-20210415-025747.zip
  6. I cant develop DDCS on my network without it delisting my main DDCS server, its VERY frustrating, please please PLEASE base the server on IP:PORT together and NOT just the IP address....
  7. Please add spawning player units (units that a player can spawn in) to this, why - because what is the use of a FARP spawn if you cant spawn player units there too dynamically.
  8. @nineline are you planning to only support the most popular scripts, this leaves out people like me that built an amazing system that just isn't opensourced(for the time being) Just making sure we are focusing on the right things with this thread And if there is a vote, I vote to support the API better directly. All of these scripts use it, kill all the birds with 1 stone with better support of the DCS Lua dedicated API, and I do feel we use pretty much every single endpoint in that API. its all important
  9. We at DDCS have been coding with the Direct ED DCS API for a while (4 years now) now so here is the things I think we need (DDCS, MOOSE, MIST, and every other script out there does the same thing), I directly use the direct API to keep everything smooth, the less loaded in lua the quicker the engine runs, more resources for the server to do its normal things, here is a few things that we could leverage greatly to make this sim even better: 1. The more hooks you allow us to manipulate on the direct mission API side of things, the more interesting things we can do in the game engine for example: a. Getters and Setters to read and write the weapons, fuel, and plane allocations in each base (let us control the flow of resources, war of attrition) b. functions to repair base assets like runways and ammo depots (helicopter play to repair the unusable runway, restore resources) c. allow us to spawn in FARPS and player/client enabled aircraft (variable bases, someone could build a farp without restarting mission, FARPS no longer are a known place to the enemy) d. allow us to spawn in CA units with less ammo and less health, keep the state of the server between restarts (not every unit gets refreshed after a restart) e. allow us to read the player name or ID that is occupying a CA unit (allows us to let CA players use specialized f10 menu options, so a APC can carry troops and deploy them using the F10 menu which in turn calls the lua scripts) f. change the weather (wind etc) by API g. change the time of day by API h. allow us to set any of the missions settings by API realtime (f10 options, fog of war, labels etc) 2. Keep the game lua version up to date, right now it is now running Lua 5.1.5 which the last update for this version was 02-17-2012 (so it is pretty old). Its very important to keep 3rd party library versions up to date (its been compiled to newer hooks on newer processors, security reasons, long list of the reasons why), you gain the benefit of bugfixes and new architectures (it is worth the work you have to do to keep it this way.) - the current stable version of lua is 5.4.0 from http://lua.org - this can also lead into us developers using third party libraries like luaSQL (or others) work on different architectures, right now we have to compile specialized versions of these libraries (that match the in game lua version of DCS) to use it (third party libraries are force multipliers) 3. Company run API documentation (with patch notes announcements when API is modified), right now we have to use a third party site for any new added API functionality (sometimes hard to know when ED adds new functionality, I do thank Grimes for the hardwork in keeping this resource up to date but it should be updated by the company) - https://wiki.hoggitworld.com/view/Simulator_Scripting_Engine_Documentation 4. (some what hard to do, but it can be run on a different process thread and result merged into existing sim engine)API lua enviroment decoupled from main runtime of engine, if a big command is run it should not hold up the game engine (causing stutters and freezes sometimes) 5. A more verbose bug output flag(turn on or off at will) on running the DCS server or sim that spits out better error messages to help us and you get to the bottom of these bugs when they do show up (we do understand that more verbose can also = slower performance, but we do need to find these bugs, so if we are looking for them, we can turn this on temporarily) 6. Eventually, we need a better login screen that can sidelock people on, and once they are locked they cant peak at the other sides to see where the other side spawned and what the other side spawned in, kind of ruins the war because the enemy knows what you spawned in already and where you are, the war of information is a very important one (if you ever played starcraft, this is 1/2 the game) - also dotn allow commands to center a map over the player, this also ruins the "where am I" part of the game realism, we have all these fancy nav systems and dont use them like we should be (server option of course) I am not sure if these are attainable, but they have been on our mind for a while now, and we do feel that some of these are "low hanging fruit", something quick and easy to implement (especially the getter's and setters of the base resource allocations, this is just update memory numbers directly) The more control in the direct DCS API you give us, the more we can leverage and make better experiences in the end, so updating the API will have a "force multiplier" effect, aka we can make much better experiences! If you have any questions with the stuff we brought up above, don't hesitate to let me (or any of the DDCS admins) know, We will gladly help, I, personally, have been coding for over 20 years, I can basically build anything at this point, so let me help you guys I also love this sim and its community, and want to help it reach its full potential and we can definitely get there. Thanks, Sincerely, Andrew "Drex" Finegan andrew.finegan@gmail.com https://discord.gg/KJSxqKc
  10. No rush, getting it done right is important(and stress does no one good), also thanks for your hard work!
  11. We am happy to include this carrier in the DDCS engine, the more assets we have the better the game can be! Thanks for listening to our feedback!
  12. How the Forrestal is implemented is how ED should have handled the Nimitz since the Nimitz is behind a paywall, I cannot use it on my public server(or forced to lose 50%+ of my player base or more), it's a real shame, Bravo Heat Blur!
  13. Yea, need the same unit:playername() system for CA units also on top of having an array for multicrew(but have the order always the same, for f-14 pilot [1], rio [2] (this is lua, no 0)), ddcs relies on knowing who is in each vehicle(imagine using f10 in a tank!), and wish it could be ucid based, we have many players with the same name and their records map on each other (I track everything by ucid)
  14. DDCS Update: 1. Admins now have gamemaster (can do their job better) 2. 2nd cockpit permission prompt now works 3. caught up on jtac/GCI requests, if you have something other than a green checkmark, see me (most likely I couldn't find your name) 4. discord has been cleaned up a bit 5. new French translated manual (if you want to do one in your language, you have my full permission!) Will be working on MrComms checker soon, you will need to be at least in discord to play here and your name matching you're in game name. This server values teamwork, lone wolfs are not the focus Building a PR team for this server, if your good at making movies, getting the word out about the type of awesome stuff that happens here let me know. Also want to let all the new pilots that we do have a Patreon, I am trying to figure out better benefits for the tiers currently, I just added a perk to the $5 tier like quicker access to jtac when you request it (for these we have to go out of our way), rather than wait for the next process batch - https://www.patreon.com/dynamicdcs (the entire hardware of the modern server has been paid by Patreon) Our admins have been working out really well, @Red Teufel put in all these FARPs which fixed the helicopter attack game, @Quaggles has been throwing me snippets of code, great insight, and will have DB access soon to help me with that(prob tonight) and will be helping and the whole admin team has been keeping the discord a lot more clean and friendly, so I would say progress (but not without its pain points), So thanks to @[16AGR] Aries144 @Red Teufel @Quaggles @Lt.Hicks Anyone that wants to contribute to the DDCS cloud server engine, the code has been Open Sourced, you can create PRs with fixes or new feature enhancements, I will be working on how to set up the dev environment for this system (its lacking documentation currently) - you can finally see the insanity that is DDCS - https://github.com/afinegan/DynamicDCS I believe opening it up is the only way to really see what true potential this system can have! New idea to speed the whole sim up, will give you more details as they come out (along with the longs or all the capture points having 1 FARP pad and all spawn on the ground, gets rid of a lot of non-necessary units) As for the people who use to play here, you need to come back and try the server again, I think you will be quite presently surprised!
  15. Found the issue: So-> in the main DCS World Directory: /Scripts/Hooks/multislot.lua The file sets hooks.onPlayerTryChangeSlot = onPlayerTryChangeSlot Then when my GameGUI script ALSO sets the onPlayerTryChangeSlot function (API dictates I can set this function), which overwrites the previous. Solution: change multislot.lua to use a different firing function, so it doesn't break anyone using the onPlayerTryChangeSlot function inside the hooks directory. Next DDCS restart will get permission prompts back (already tested it local instance and it works) I used the function onPlayerChangeSlot(id) for now, hope this won't be used by something else in the future like the Try version did (dangers of global functions). -Drex
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