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  1. This is a nice solution! I forget there are links in Windows too (I come from Linux). I might do it this way too because the config folder is the only one I believe is worth keeping around. Would solve my problem and maintain backups with history of my HOTAS setups :-) I think my setups are worth their size in gold as I own almost every module and spent so much time configuring them that if I lost them I think I would just give up and play minesweeper instead ;-) Gracias! I will use this solution and stop backing up all of "Saved Games" folder. :)
  2. Might not be a bad idea. I have written a script to handle the dead position on my Warthog and map them to a virtual joystick so I can bind even the dead positions to keys in DCS. I always forget to start this before launching DCS so a .bat might be one way to go. I will check if there is any way to exclude folders from Onedrive. Or some other smart solution. Otherwise, a .BAT file it is... Thanks
  3. I've tried to see if there is any exclude options or such in Onedrive config but if there is one I can't find it. What I would have liked to do is move fxo out from Saved Games folder entirely. Perhaps into c:\temp or something like that. I sync my entired Saved Games folder because once I did lose _a lot_ of saved games after I reinstalled my computer and well.. Where games choose to their save location in windows seems to be the wild west so I lost more than half. To illustrate the wild west example I had to abandon having my documents in the Documents/ folder because it is now full of savegames :doh:
  4. Hi I've had my Saved Games/ folder backup up on Onedrive since forever and I just figured why I am having such bad stuttering in DCS. There seems to be a lot of traffic in the filesystem under FXO/ where I guess shaders are compiled ? My problem is that my entire Saved Games folder is getting synced to Onedrive and that causes stuttering in DCS. Very bad stuttering. I can disable syncing while playing and the stuttering goes away. But since it can only be disabled for 1, 2 or 8h depending on how long I play the stuttering will start again. However I would rather move fxo (and any other high traffic folder) folder away from Saved Games to get rid of stuttering. The reason I have my files synced to Onedrive is that I spent hours and hours on configuring all my planes and choppers keybindings and I am not about to lose them hence I have them all backed up in Onedrive. Can I manually point DCS to place the FXO folder somewhere else than in my synced folder ? Cheers!
  5. :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup: Great software, great developer! Thanks for fixing :thumbup:
  6. :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup: :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup: Finally post flight analysis with thunderstruck !!! :megalol: Thanks for fixing! :joystick::pilotfly:
  7. Sorry for late reply. Vacation ended and work happened... :-D I got around to try it with win10 app Tv&Movies (I realized winamp uses other hotkeys). And I can say that TV&Movies app does not recognize the multimedia keys being pressed either while tacview is in focus so I think they are still being grabbed somehow. TV&Movies app usually detect the keys even while being detected by other applications tho. As in, you can have a TV&M window opened and press pause to spotify and TV&M app starts playing.. most of the times even when you diddnt mean for it to start playing :P But tacview turns all of that off and wont let any other app receive the MM keys. Normally it would not be a problem but with small kid running around and sometimes I quickly need to hit the mute MM key to mute my headphones to hear what is going on (milk being poured onto the couch etc...), it sort of becomes a kind of a problem.. :)
  8. Strange indeed. I am playing music with Spotify now (streaming). I guess I could try winamp with my local collection to see if that one has the same problem or not. Perhaps keymapping or something in W10 could be the culprit as well. I will take a closer look tonight after I recorded some new flights :)
  9. Thanks. I will check it. Figured since it worked out of the box for SE the OB would just work too :)
  10. Oh and I have another question as well :helpsmilie: I usually try to do all my solo flying in the Steam Edition of DCS (to have all input bindings in one place in sync and then distribute the key bindings to standalone versions). Those flights (steam edition) are recorded perfectly. I also have the DCS Openbeta 1.5 were I fly with some friends who don't have the steam version. Those flights have not been recorded (neither multiplayer or solo flights). All I can find is an option to enable DCS recording but how does this really work ? And how do I activate it for all my DCS installs ? Perhaps it has been answered earlier in thread but I couldn't find it :) Thanks!
  11. Hello again ! :) I tried it out. And while it is true that the multimedia keys no longer start/stop playback of the flight I think you are still grabbing them. I can't control my background music while I am in Tacview. I need to Alt+Tab to to another window and then it works again. It is perhaps not the biggest issue in the world but it would be nice to start/stop music even while Tacview window is active :) Cheers!
  12. Molykote arrived today. Opened up and cleaned all parts and applied the 44M spreading it out with a toothpick. It is smooth now, but unfortunately I have now detected the next thing I need to fix. Those plastic plugs in the inner gimbal seems to make the stick much harder to move in the up/down (pitch) direction than left/right. Asymmetric stiffness, meh.. Guess some fine grained sand paper is my next purchase but this is good enough for now :-) Thanks for the tip on the Molykote 44M!
  13. Then I will accept that in this mission it is OK to go to any airport (particularly at wpt. 7 & 8) :) In a way since it has the narrator voice over I guess it is pretty much just an extended training mission and I shouldn't expect too much. But it is the first real mission I flew and beat so far. I hope there will be many more ! :pilotfly:
  14. Yup, I used DIVERT to go to the nearest. But it felt wrong to just.. land anywhere. Was hoping there would be more like a "this here, here.. land here! because this is your base. Not there!". I think Tbilisi was the nearest one so that is where I went on my own. My wingman landed on another field nearby and found bunkers to hide in. So then it is the way it should be. I hope the revamped ATC will bring a bit more sense to this :)
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