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  1. The JTAC is getting stuck after reading out the 9-line and asking 'Ready for remarks and further talk-on.' It seems that no matter how much I respond with 'Ready for remarks' JTAC never gets back to me. However if I respond 'Unable to comply' or 'Check out' JTAC responds immediately. There are no other AI making reports either. What's causing this and has anyone had this happen? Can someone post their speech .lua file just in case mine got corrupted and/or got updated incorrectly. Thanks!
  2. I would like to point out that Krasnodar and Krymsk don't have ILS like Sochi does. Its more of a approach that you would do with an NDB/DME approach. The flight director actually flies you to a point at the midpoint of the runway (Where the beacon is located). Technically you shouldn't be flying that approach in that weather since you can't see the field at DH lol. But really flying 100m under the approach path should be ok, since the area near Krymsk is pretty flat.
  3. One thing I noticed was that the ambient pressure was too low to set the altimeter in that A-10C properly! Not really a bug report but I nearly flew into a mountain before I noticed lol.
  4. There is a 'Prepare mission' option under the Flight tab, you setup all the systems there and then save the mission. Upon reloading it it will load the saved aircraft configuration. There is a section in the manual where it is explained in more depth of you want to know more.
  5. Unfortunately, that doesn't work either. I'm assuming that lua predicate is broken atm, and just stick to scripting externally and use flags.
  6. I tried both of those, still didn't work. I could use the 'Time more' condition, but I want to learn scripting so I can start to use MIST etc. When I mean it doesn't work, I mean that the message pop-up isn't showing when it is supposed to. No errors or anything.
  7. Getting into scripting, starting to apply what I've learned. I'm trying to get a simple script to work using triggers in game. Currently trying to get a message to display on screen using the getTime0 and getAbsTime functions. Logic is as follows: if timer.getAbsTime() - timer.getTime0() > 20 then return true end Can someone please tell me whats wrong? I basically copied what was on hoggit wiki but its still not working. Picture of trigger attached.
  8. Wait, then what is the 'Refuel' under Perform Task? I've told aircraft to refuel at a waypoint before using that command with no problem
  9. So here is the logic I think would work... SWITCHED CONDITION -> CONDITION -> run script unit:getFuel() if getFuel < 0.15 condition = true else condition = false ACTION -> AI Task Push (Refueling) I'm not experienced at all with .lua scripting and I'm learning very slowly, so let me know if this would work or not.
  10. I just tested using 'RTB on Bingo Fuel' and it worked! Thank you so much! It's odd however that in the manual it's listed as: It says nothing about aircraft being able to rendezvous with a tanker as an alternative. Perhaps the function has changed since the manual was written?
  11. Hello all, I'm relatively new to mission building, and I think I have a good grasp on things like triggers, zones, tasking etc individually. Now I've been trying to tie them all together into a single mission. Currently I have a few questions; 1) Is there a way to get the fuel level of a unit, (fixed-wing in this case) so I can create a trigger when their fuel level reaches a certain % they will break off and refuel from a tanker. Currently I don't see one listed under conditions and the manual only tells you how to get cockpit info from player a/c. (As far as I know anyway) Alternatively when a unit/group hits a certain fuel level a tanker could spawn and once it reached its orbit waypoint the AI are tasked to refuel. What is a good way to implement this? 2) Can the AI perform slingloading ops at this time? I see the option for ground transport under 'tasks' but they always simply turn and head for the nearest airport, even if there is a nearby FARP. If I'm understanding it wrong, how does the 'ground transport' work My (very early version mission is attached) SlingHook 1.2.miz
  12. Mirknir, I have a few suggestions for the server; I would strongly suggest making the tankers invincible! They can be collided with and be destroyed currently (don't ask how I know :P) Also could they have infinite fuel? The Russian tanker RTBs after two Su-33s take fuel, so late in the server time there may not be tankers available for others. Also, what happened to the low and slow tanker for the A-10s?
  13. So that was you! I was staring in awe as I flew past you in my -33. If you hadn't crashed I would've let you go, I think that if a helo dodges two missiles fired at more-or-less point blank, he deserves to live.
  14. I think my post got buried, so I'm bumping it so Mirknir can see it: "Mirknir can I request that you add a few duel slots for the ground pounders? There's a slot for everything but the Su-25, 25T, A-10A&C, and I personally think it'd be really fun to dogfight in those aircraft!"
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