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  1. I am in the process of ordering a WARTHOG HOTAS ( 6 weeks from now, possibly more) and had a thought, can some of the buttons be reprogramed to to do something else? Like the engine switches? Also, last stupid question, can I map other planes to it as I feel comfortable?
  2. OR be able to download and use your own, for instance, my avatar is the squadron I was assigned to while station at Torrejon AB Spain from '82-'85 as a crew chief.
  3. As a former F-16 Crew Chief and unless procedures have changed that much, the last thing we did before marshaling the jet out was to show the pilot the EPU pin, , we then stashed it in the gear well along with the gear pins. When the jet was recovered, the pin was inserted before shut down along with gear pins..
  4. Will give it a shot next time, thanks!
  5. I am still a rookie, don’t get to fly as much as I would like, I have tried and tried with zero. How can I brighten the MFD’s? Many times I have to zoom in in order to just be able to see a target and try to lock on. I have tried the rocker switches with no success, tried the game settings with same negative results. Anyone ?
  6. Can somehow the amount of hours on the pilot raise the G tolerance ? Then say someone with 100hrs would be able to pull say 9 and someone with 25 say, 7?
  7. Looking to see if anyone has CH profiles for the F-16.
  8. Here is my two pesos: It's your money, if you can afford it now, buy it and enjoy it like thousands of us are doing now. If you have any doubts , don't.
  9. Wait a minute,,,,,,,,,,,, Dozens of people complaint,,,,, " (insert ptepeeve here) is NOT represented correctly and NOT realistic",,, here we have something which IS realistic ( worked on the F-16 for two years, Block 15's,,, yeah that long ago) and you people are complaining? I don't even notice the "yellow" tint, only when looking from outside WHICH IS REALISTIC OK, off soapbox,,,
  10. Soon as I land it in one piece I will. Have "landed" it but doubt it would have survived in real life.
  11. I see where you can load a photo to your pilot profile, I would like to use my avatar as my squadron on the log book, is there a way to accomplish this?
  12. I actually deleted all my DCS folders ( I have a drive dedicated just for DCS) and reloaded,, all works great now AND got the F-16,,,
  13. Two re-installations later,,,, It’s there, installed , locked up after 1 minute, re-booted computer, all looks good, out of time,,, Will give it a work out tomorrow after work,,,,
  14. I have actually just deleted all,DCS files,, wiping everything off (I have a drive just for DCS) and start fresh,,, Will try in am,,,
  15. HOW about just the F-16? Only mission and/or campaign is,,,,, a F-16 !!! nothing when I try 2.5, reloaded TWICE !!! NOTHING !!!!
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