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  1. I am planning to build a dedicated DCS server:pilotfly:and would like to see the do's and dont's . I know so far that cpu speed and lot of ram is very important but am not sure if VMware is a good choice. Any people here that can point me out in some useful tips ? Ian
  2. i run windows both on server and client laptop. i can try disabling the killer card on my vr laptop and use an usb network adapter
  3. thx for the info... well what i figured out is that it happens on my poor athlon server with 8gig ram if i join it....as am there a lot. joining other servers i dont have this issue so i guess its a bandwidth issue with the CV1.
  4. https://www.msi.com/Laptop/GT72S-6QF-Dominator-Pro-G-29th-Anniversary-Edition.html#hero-overview
  5. no never do these things...its random....last flight was 45 min so ...very strange
  6. The last week my laptop goes into hibernate all of a sudden when playing dcs.. have fans on full load but still does it...any ideas ? also hd and screen etc are always on in settings ian
  7. Can someone help me out with changing the default cargo model with for instance a hummer . I tried to point out to an other edm file but no luck. Changing the type will result that it wont show up in de cargo menu. local _trgZone = trigger.misc.getZone("hummer_pickup_zone") local newCargo = { ["groupId"] = math.random(999, 99999), ["category"] = "Cargos", -- default cargo in order to activate menu ["type"] = "Cargo1", -- default cargo in order to activate menu ["unitId"] = math.random(999, 99999), ["x"] = _trgZone.point.x, ["y"] = _trgZone.point.z, ["canCargo"] = true, ["mass"] = 700, ["heading"] = 0, ["name"] = "the hummer", ["dead"] = false, ["country"] = "USA", ["shape_name"] = "hummer_p_1", -- i guess the edm file } coalition.addStaticObject(country.id.USA, newCargo)
  8. Hi, looking for the same solution and analysed the output in the mission i used local _trgZone = trigger.misc.getZone("aav7") local newCargo = { ["groupId"] = math.random(999, 99999), ["category"] = "Cargos", ["type"] = "Cargo1", ["unitId"] = math.random(999, 99999), ["x"] = _trgZone.point.x, ["y"] = _trgZone.point.z, ["canCargo"] = true, ["mass"] = 700, ["heading"] = 0, ["name"] = "the hummer", ["dead"] = false, ["country"] = "USA", ["shape_name"] = "hummer_p_1", } coalition.addStaticObject(country.id.USA, newCargo) with no luck. The shape_name points out to the .edm file so i changed it to another one in this case "hummer_p_1" ian
  9. hi all , First i want to shout out to ED to change the tooltips into better VR view in 1.5.6. Thumbs up when i am in my mi-8 and remove the cv1 for a drink i put it on again and dont see the green crosshair anymore to perform clickable actions ... just saying.... Ian
  10. Is it possible to let an AI eject out of his aircraft through a trigger ? I thought through x:cockpit perform clickable action
  11. hi all, digging in the script and love it ..thx for that ....i would like to broadcast on the ark-ud. will this part line work if the function has values ? csar.freeVHFFrequencies = {114.167, 114.333, 114.584 ,121.5, 123.1, 124.1} these values should override the random generated beacons right ? Also is it possible to random place downed pilots in a trigger zone like 6 and when a pilot is rescued the trigger will spawn a new pilot ? ian
  12. when i activate an unit after deactivating the unit is not visible..like if csar unit is picked up its deactivated so not visible and when dropped of at base its activated again..but that doesn't work. i also tried setting 2 command tasks to the unit visible on and off ...triggering that is also nt working.
  13. hmm i dont get it..i found this elements["PTR-BLISTER-LOCK-L"] = default_2_position_tumb(_("Left Blister, OPEN/CLOSE"),devices.CPT_MECH, device_commands.Button_15, 215) and in ME i need to place a value in command higher than 3000
  14. hi all, with which values do i open en close my left blister through the trigger x;cockpit clickable action cheers Ian
  15. so when i am at the center of an airfield and take off ...which beacons do i take to navigate ? ...strange to read that the wind affects radio signals.
  16. i got it working by reloading the .ogg file and running an once trigger with some AI riding over a trigger resetting flags . Problem is that mission start doenst work and every pilot that enters the server makes the flags reset all the time. Whats the best way to make this dynamic ?
  17. My homing beacons are not working in MP only in SP. Am working on a separate computer making a mission. WHen i setup a server an join with a different computer the beacons are not working. any idea ?
  18. I have 15 client choppers that can join the mission . Now if 1 of the choppers enters a trigger zone i want to message that specific chopper. Or do i need to make 15 separate triggers for each chopper. Or is this also done with scripting that analyses which chopper is flying over that trigger zone...
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