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  1. For some reason, I can only select very few countries to fly the F-16C. I.e. Belgium and Jordan are missing, and I don't know how to add the plane for those countries. I repaired my game and I'm not using any mods.
  2. Both 50 and 100 gal. wing fuel tanks on the mosquito on the left-hand side are misaligned (too far at the back).
  3. When openening the Enceclopedia, the game gets stuck in a loading screen. Any help? No mods and latest open beta version.
  4. When trying to fly the JF-17 on the Syria Map, the game crashes.
  5. When clicking on any unit in the F10 map, there used to be a box showing additional information such as coordinates etc., now it does not work anymore.
  6. When placing a user mark in the F10 map, the game crashes to desktop.
  7. The attachment points/rails for the R-73 missile are wrong for positions 10 and 3 on the Su-33. Should be APU-73 rails there.
  8. Prior to 2.7 it was easy to mod FC3 aircraft loadouts, but now I am unable to find the lua.-file which defines the available weapons. Where are these located now?
  9. How do I set my TGP to boresight mode? It always stays on the steerpoint now matter what I do. I just want it to look straight forward. It makes it impossible to designate new targets.
  10. Whenever I want to create a fast mission, in advanced mode the text window says "getMissionNode node site is empty"
  11. After pressing the SPJ-Power Button, on the CMBT-Page it only says "OFF", there are no options to switch on the ECM-Pod.
  12. When selecting payload in the loadout editor, there is considerable lag/loading time for the available payloads to show.
  13. When I select my loadout in the mission editor, there is considerable lag/loading times until the weapon choices show.
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