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  1. Thanks Grimes, as always! Sometimes the units are spawned on a steep area when teleportInZone is activated because I can't check every single point if it's how much flat. So I'm thinking It would be good to combine terrainHeightDiff and teleportInZone(loop checking until the area is flat, if it's flat then teleport the group), but how? The problem is that I have no idea what does the usage example codes in hoggit doc mean...:cry: I'm not a programmer. Could you tell me simple working example?
  2. Hi, MIST teleport function question here. I want to teleport ground unit groups on flat points in specific zone. I've found some terrain related mist functions like mist.isTerrainValid and mist.terrainHeightDiff but no working examples yet. Could someone show me how to use these scripts properly? Here is simple preset group name : test zone name : test zone Thanks in advance.
  3. I've been trying MIST message function. There is no script error, text is good, but I can't hear the sound. Of course the sound file is included. Please check the miz file attached and let me know what is wrong. First sound is ME trigger sound, Please ignore it. You can see the MIST meesage after 10 seconds. Thanks in advance. msgsoundtest.miz
  4. Thanks Ian! Now I get it. For someone who suffers from the same thing : trigger.action.smoke(mist.getAvgPos(mist.makeUnitTable({'[g]myGroup'})), trigger.smokeColor.Green) this works.
  5. It says [string "trigger.action.smoke(mist.getAvgPos(mist.makeUnitTable({'[g]myG..."]:1: ')' expected near '<eof>' I don't understand what this means...
  6. Hi, I have a question about MIST getavgpos script. http://wiki.hoggit.us/view/GetAvgPos I've done the script exactly same with the example in this manual, but no joy. It always shows mission script error. Something is wrong with this manual? Could you let me know how to do that script properly? I'm using MISTv3.5. Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi guys I have a question here. You know there had been some options for the predators to set FAC role in advanced waypoint option. But it seems that the only ground vehicles have the option now. There's nothing about FAC for air recon units. Has the option been removed or a bug? I couldn't find any news or discussion about that. Of course my DCS is up to date.
  8. Negative, it doesn't work for DRIVER's view. Actually it only works for bino view. I'm not sure it's specific user side problem, so let me know if you've done zoom in/out for driver's view with the keystroke successfully.
  9. Finally we have driver's cockpits but the FOV is too narrow for me. I assume that is a problem for ultra wide resolution display - like sorround or eyefinity setting. The FOV seems to be decided by horizontal, not by vertical. So, Is there a way to adjust the FOV for vehicles, something like zoom in/out for airplanes? I don't think it's impossible but can't find how to.
  10. It still doesn't work in 1.2.10. Is this confirmed bug?
  11. Run DCS > click option > click system tab > find monitor section. There should be your current monitor config name(e.g. 1camera). Find that lua file in monitorsetup folder and edit it as my instruction. I haven't tried cargo cam in 1.2.8 official yet, but don't think it would be different with the latest open beta. Good luck mate.
  12. It should be the lua file which is loaded ingame actually. If you're not sure what it is, check graphic option.
  13. Has anyone tried this mission in RC2? I've done this so many times with no problem in previous beta but it becomes way too difficult to climb with the cargo hooked in RC2...:(
  14. Hey I want to share my solution with you. 1. Install PeterP's all MFD export mod. http://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=1541311&postcount=68 2. Edit cargo cam's init file. Open CARGO_CAM_init.lua in ....DCS World OpenBeta\Mods\aircrafts\Uh-1H\Cockpit\Scripts\CARGO_CAM folder. Insert this line : try_find_assigned_viewport("UH_1H_cargocam") under dedicated_vieport blah blah line. 'UH-1H_cargocam' is an example. Type any name as you want. 3. Edit monitor setup file. Open your monitor setup file in ....DCS World OpenBeta\Config\MonitorSetup folder. Insert this lines : UH_1H_cargocam = { x = 2340; y = 260; width = 360; height = 360; } Edit x,y coordinates and W / H as your desired position. If you select your custom viewport name in step 2, use it rather than 'UH-1H_cargocam'. Because of step 1, you may have to edit some viewport names for A-10 and Ka-50. Check PeterP's example monitor setup file. Attached jpg file is my configuration result. Hope this would be helpful.
  15. Here are some vids of my sling loads practice. Sling load is the funniest feature I've ever done in DCS huey! :thumbup: The last one is wolle's time trial mission
  16. Maybe only one? Actually I don't manage the logbook. SP is just testing grounds to check mission editor fuctions and game options for me. It would be useful if we have dynamic campaign or MP logbook. I think the former is impossible for DCS at this moment, the latter is probably easier to apply than DC.
  17. Now 545.282s... Getting better but my right arm is almost paralyzed :lol:
  18. Thanks wolle! Nice mission. Until now my record is 727.58s with no damaged packages, It's very hard to steer the chopper with 1ton bundle!
  19. This is awesome. Thanks for the mission! Now I'm wondering how to adjust the cargo cam position like MFCD of A-10C. It would be great that the cam is displayed in my sub monitor behind cougar MFD. Does anyone know how to do?
  20. I'm sure it's been somewhere in DCS World folder before but now I can't find it anymore. Is it deleted for some reason? or am I missing something?
  21. Mate I found what was wrong. It was nothing about the mission. Just a ridiculous bug. I reported about this in detail at A-10C open beta bug reports forum. If you're interested in, please check my thread 'VHF AM issue'. http://forum.lockon.ru/showthread.php?t=119515
  22. Thanks for your confirmations guys. The mission was created for the track upload immediately, so it's clean 1.2.7 mission. Nothing about 1.2.6 in that. You were able to refuel in my mission means definitely something is wrong with my installation or some settings. I'll repair the game and try again.
  23. Thanks for your reply but please check the track first. You can see clearly from the comm menu that it's not an easy comm. I only have used easy comm for 'actual' refueling in 1.2.7, because the simul comm have never allowed me to start refuel process, as I mentioned.
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