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  1. Multi-crew is among the highest of priorities as we move forward with this project. Rest assured, though the announcements have tapered off, the work continues and the devs are nose down in the cockpit concentrating on improving this aircraft. We hear your concerns and will work to alleviate many of your worries. Please stand by.
  2. Hi Max,


    Do you have an updated discord invite link, perchance?


    Thanks for your consideration.

  3. Remember when trapping. The Hook to Eye distance is different on every aircraft and the supercarrier doesn't change the ball to account for this. So you will need to fly a ball and a half low or so to compensate. Gear down Flaps Down Full Brakes extended fully Hook down On speed AOA speed will vary based on weight. The flight model will change here and there but we will always keep the above parameters in mind for landing on deck for any major patch.
  4. Yes, amazing that the one made it back. Thank God no one seriously injured.
  5. I love this skin. Out of all the skins that I have seen made from the template, this is my favorite. Great work!
  6. Just curious, because this bug is so rare. Are you using an English language version of DCS?
  7. They bought the coffee, I’ll be buying the beer.
  8. There was a humbling experience of being a little fish in a big pond. I was glad for the experience and the points made will show us the way on how to proceed. So honored to be getting the feedback we are from these individuals.
  9. Had the honor to be invited for some sim time at the T-45 simulator at NAS Kingsville. Many thanks to Lex for taking me out there. It is a great honor to be working with such experienced real world Navy/Marine pilots.
  10. The pilot model in those early WIP pictures was a placeholder. The new pilot is still a work in progress that includes the oxygen mask and tubing animations that still are being worked on.
  11. Yes, they should still work except in the areas that have been updated in the new version
  12. Delete the old mod and completely reinstall the new one.
  13. That listing for Hawk is not the T-45C. That is the old Hawk module that is still in the list. The T-45 should be listed separately.
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