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  1. No roblem man, i actually enjoy it cos im curious about it as well. Just modified that last mission so it has dynamic weather, nothing changed ccip was still accurate on its own. Hosted a server and loaded the same mission, result didnt change, ccip was accurate. Modified the mission, changed my a10's spawn point to be above sukhumi and created a new target in a valley south of batumi. Flew over there, released the bomb and hit the target all the same. As far as i can tell it doesnt matter dynamic or static, if you maneuver properly you will hit your target without the need of manual input in laste. dynamic weather settings i used was: Baric system = Cyclone System Quantity = 1 Pressure deviation = -1261 Pa Turbulance = 40 0.1*feet no fog no dust smoke
  2. Like i said, this time the wind speed is 5 kt's higher on every layer, single mk82 direct-hit on T90 released at around 8k feets of altitude and the right mfcd shows the LASTE-wind page so you can see the current wind speed and direction during the flight. Also the track file of the same sortie is attached. mk82 test.trk
  3. It should be around 15 kt's Jimmy IIRC. At the beginning of the video mission editor shows 10 kts @ 33 feet 21 kts @ 1600 feet 16 kts @ 6600 feet 14 kts @ 2600 feet I release the bomb somewhere around 8k feet of altitude and you can see that ccip pipper is pointing to top left corner of the T90 at the moment of release, the bomb hits ~5 meters to the right. This difference points to a problem, not about the IFFCC's solution but my control of the aircraft. Still it is a catastrophic kill but i could've done a better job. @Mastersetter If i get the chance today i'll try to the do the same mission with even worse weather and keep the right mfcd on LASTE-wind page so you can also see the wind speed during the sortie.
  4. Here is a of a mk82 drop from around 8k feet with no laste manual input, single hit kill on t90. Like yurgon mentioned earlier, this issue has been discussed a lot. I used to almost always used manual wind data input just cos i enjoyed doing it but it doesnt improve anything as far as my experience goes. You can release your dumb or guided weapon from 15k feet if you want and it will hit where your ccip cue points to, as long as you are keeping your aircraft steady before release of course. Laste effects gbu's the same way it effects dumb bombs but since gbu's can guide themselves towards the target it wont make much of difference as long as you are not dealing with wind extremities. If you are missing with gbu's and if there is no problems with the game itself, then its almost always about your delivery method, you are probably doing something wrong. And to be honest this is one of the easiest things to test in dcs, first thing you need to make sure of is your delivery method, it needs to be good enough before trying out laste. If you can consistently one shot a T90 with mk82's from lets say above 6-7k feets of altitude, then you can try out the effects of wind and manual laste input. When i tried this out, not inputting any kind of wind data manually let me hit targets consistently from 10k feet of altitude with mk82's. But of course all of this is what i experienced, best thing to do it try it out yourself and see what happens.
  5. You dont need to do anything mate, after you take off, as you fly, IFFCC system constantly watches for wind direction-speed and builds its own wind table automatically. If you are asking about how to see the wind direction and speed as you fly, you need to enter the system page of the cdu then LASTE then wind. It should show the wind speed, direction and weather temperature on the upper section of the screen. You can read more about it on 205. page of the a10c flight manual which is located in your dcs directory, mods/aircraft/a10c/doc Edit: Correction, its 204. to 207. page of the flight manual.
  6. I ve never used those spreadsheets but you can just use the laste page to find the current wind direction and speed while flying. For example switch cdu to laste, show it on the mfcd, and take notes after you take off while climbing. Lastly, you really dont need to enter wind data manually. IFFCC builds its own wind tables while you are flying, and its dead accurate. Manual entry wont improve it.
  7. I dont think he is doing that to piss you off, thats just standard procedure Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
  8. I dont remember the exact words but you can tell them something like " srcond element engage targets of oppurtunity with rockets". Then they will try to find ground targets and engage them with rockets Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
  9. Sounds like a high quality troll made me chuckle:d did you try ordering him to use specific weapons or are you just using the attack command? Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
  10. You need to explain your problem a bit more than that.
  11. You dont *need* to enter wind layers manually, laste does an almost a perfect job on its own. Dumb bombs or not, as long as you keep the aircraft stable during the dive ccip pipper is dead accurate.
  12. Empty weight of the aircraft + fuel load which you can see from the fuel gauge Should get you pretty close everytime, unless you like carring lots of weapons. Edit: although now come to think of it, i cant remember how much the full load of 30mm rounds weigh. Gotta check that too just to be on the safe side. Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
  13. I thought dynamic weather was not working properly, did they fix it?
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