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  1. H3 Airbase: H3 Norhtwest Air Base:
  2. Superb mission, but the SA-18s are really aggressive! I had to restart the mission at least 10 times! I ended up finding the right approach by flying 100 feet, back up to drop the bombs on the infantry. This way, as I'm down, the SA-18s get scrambled to the ground and miss me. Thanks for this awesome campaign !
  3. I have already provided a lot of plans of the English and French airfields at the time. On that side, they didn't have to do any research!
  4. There are problems like any computer program. The Channel map is a great map! I am not a developer and I don't know if the map can be enlarged but can additional airfields saturate the map in terms of performance ?? In a flight simulation, I think airfields are important! This is where operations are prepared, where planes take to the air and land there once their mission is over! I know very well that not all airfields can be recreated, but at least the most important ones. In France, 4 airfields is very fair !! Where is Rosière-en-Santerre? Where is Amiens-Glisy? Where is Dieppe-Saint-Aubin? .... Without these airfields, the reproduction of historical scenarios is much reduced !!! If the map does not change in this direction, I will be very disappointed! For me there will be a big lack, that's for sure!
  5. How do you know that? There is a lack of airfields, especially in France! If ED does not add new airfields that would be a real shame!
  6. 9-POIX-CROIXRAULT: https://www.forgottenairfields.com/airfield-poix-en-picardie-1121.html 10-SAINT-OMER CLAIRMARAIS: https://www.anciens-aerodromes.com/?p=2157 11-SAINT-OMER ARQUES: https://www.anciens-aerodromes.com/?p=2160
  7. 7-ROSIERES-EN-SANTERRE: https://www.anciens-aerodromes.com/?p=4294 8-SAINT-INGLEVERT: https://www.anciens-aerodromes.com/?p=2150
  8. Here is an interesting website concerning the position of the different German airfields in France during WW2: https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/viewer?mid=1xLjosbrRO9RTFXPQAtj-U9aWnG6QgJsv&ll=50.492279205397445%2C2.4731881105468734&z=9 Plans for other German airfields in France: 4-NORRENT-FONTES: 5-AMIENS-GLISY: 6-CAFFIERS: https://www.anciens-aerodromes.com/?p=2120
  9. it would be good if Ugra Media took the time to redo airfields as they were at the time ...
  10. 1- LILLE -LESQUIN: 2-CAMBRAI-EPINOY: 3-CAMBRAI-NIERGNIES: I will post other airfields soon ...
  11. I have also crashes since 2.7. However my PC configuration is correct: AMD Ryzen 7 3700x; RTX 2070; 32 Gb RAM; 1Tb SSD for DCS.
  12. Hello, Do you know if there is already an Iraqi Army Su-17 M4 Fitter skins? If not, where can I find a skin template for this aircraft? Thank you.
  13. Hi, I am submitting some corrections about High Halden: Plan of High Halden 1944: High Halden at Channel map: These are really small fixes!
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