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  1. I placed a Challenger and a Cromwell in the Normandy map and was able to drive around in them but when I swapped from the Cromwell to the Challenger, the F7 key wouldn't let me go back to the Cromwell.
  2. I don't have Nevada so I cant comment on how to choose a particular map in the mission editor, but as far as the WWII assets pack is concerned, it appears that the assets are simply added alongside the modern assets. simply choose a side/country and scroll through the items till you find what you want in each category. (EG Armour, Unarmed etc.)
  3. Racoon, can we please have a sub forum with all the newsletters included? Despite my having subscribed to the newsletters I never get the email . I posted about this in the support thread but there was no reply. I am probably not the only person who would like the chance to read the newsletters online.
  4. I am not receiving newsletters despite being subscribed. and yes I have checked my spam filters. Can someone help me out on this?
  5. So is there a special link or code to access the 60% discount on the mig15 and the F86 sabre? They still show as full price on the site.
  6. Well done :) I'm pleased it went to one of us :) The cover price back in '87 was £39.95!
  7. It went for £27.50 plus £8.0 postage making a total of £36, so someone got a great buy there.
  8. I'll have a C47 please. Don't bother to wrap it, I'll just take it with me. :)
  9. There is a 1987 copy on ebay with just under 24 hours left and no bids yet. A bargain for anyone who does not yet have a copy. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/SPITFIRE-THE-HISTORY-RAF-FIGHTER-AIRCRAFT-WW2-Edward-Shacklady-Eric-Morgan-/191934648661
  10. You need "Fighter Command War Diaries" volumes 4 and 5 by John Foreman for that :)
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