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  1. Hey Miles! It's F99th -=MAVERICK=-! I remember you frequently mentioning this to me during our long Huey flights over Nevada and I had just found it recently in the forums. I have to say, this is incredibly impressive. It's cool to think back to some of the conversations we were having where you were describing some tech and production issues and to see where the project is now.. absolutely awesome bud. I'll be ordering one soon! Keep up the great work!
  2. Will do! Sorry, I had stepped away with work stuff for a bit. I'll begin confirming what has been added and what is still being requested and update this list ASAP. Thank you guys for keeping up the incredible work. If you see anything on the front page that has been implemented, please let me know. I'll be updating over the next few days.
  3. Thanks for working with us! I'm sure I can speak for everyone here when we say we are genuinely appreciative of this. I'll update the list accordingly as things are added.
  4. Great work here! I opened it up and took a look and there is a lot of helpful additions. I'll definitely be using a few of these until they are officially added.
  5. List updated to reflect today's additions. Thanks for hearing us and working with us Heatblur!
  6. Added to the list! Thanks! Just excited to see the F-14 become everything we've looked forward to. Hope it helps HB out.
  7. The Master Arm switch has an option to do this where it raises the cover when setting to ARM and closes when OFF. I find it to be extremely helpful. It proves that they are definitely able to work that in so I will add that request to the ideas list.
  8. That's the idea behind this thread. We are looking to gather as many missing/requested key binds as possible and assist HB in fixing some in order to make the process much less time consuming on their end. Hopefully, we can get this sooner rather than later but I can understand how this wouldn't be the highest priority for them at the moment. If you find any that you desire that isn't on the main list, please let me know and I'll add it.
  9. No this holds when the switch is switched to the desired state. When I flip a switch up, it will hold Oxygen On, However, when I flip it back down, it will turn to Oxygen off. If the switches are spring loaded, then this does not work. That is more of a Toggle State. Check the bindings that I have added to the front page of this thread. They are all tested and work with this practice.
  10. {down = device_commands.BRAKE_AntiSkidAndSpoilerBrake, up = device_commands.BRAKE_AntiSkidAndSpoilerBrake, value_down = -1, value_up = 0, cockpit_device_id=devices.GEARHOOK, name = _('Anti Skid Spoiler BK Switch Spoiler BK, else OFF'), category = _('Gears, brakes, and hook')}, {down = device_commands.BRAKE_AntiSkidAndSpoilerBrake, up = device_commands.BRAKE_AntiSkidAndSpoilerBrake, value_down = 1, value_up = 0, cockpit_device_id=devices.GEARHOOK, name = _('Anti Skid Spoiler BK Switch BOTH, else OFF'), category = _('Gears, brakes, and hook')}, You basically assign a down press and an up press and then a value to both. so for a 3-way switch, you would need two separate sections. See the Anti-Skid above as an example. Had to learn this a while back as a TM Warthog user :thumbup:
  11. YES! I saw this post and was going to ask you about it. A lot of people stepped up and did the same thing when the AV8B launched missing a lot of bindings. If you don't mind, I was going to go through your list here and see if I can rename them to match HB's categories as well as make some Toggle/else state switches. Hopefully, if we create something that is quality, HB and just copy it and paste it into the main controls after a brief review. Great work!
  12. What do you have it bound as? There is a 'Hook Extend, else Retract' that acts as a two-way switch. Not seeing one work as a toggle. The Kneel button has been confirmed added by HB in a recent post, pending the next update so I removed it from the list.
  13. Oh Snap! We have a celebrity here! haha Thanks, Cobra! by no means is this a complaint list, just looking to help facilitate the process.
  14. Gotcha Rlaxoxo. I saw some of your suggestions in another post as well and added them in. These are some good QoL ideas.
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