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  1. When using Maverick F against moving ground targets, the ATFLIR point track used to (and I believe it should) continuously update the system target point. When uncaging the Mav F, the seeker would previously snap to the current position of the point tracked target. Now, after the recent TDC depress changes to make JDAM TOO rippling somewhat unbroken, the TDC depress is REQUIRED even in point track. This results in the Mav F seeker never having the most recent position of the target when uncaging. With moving targets, this means the only way to successfully hand over from point track to MavF is to TDC depress and instantly change SOI back to mav and uncage. Even a second delay is enough to throw the seeker sufficiently behind the moving target Please see this short 1min clip that illustrates this. I can generate a track if required. https://clips.twitch.tv/OriginalBlightedDragonflyBuddhaBar-ZTlQOtOaGsJN2fi- Many thanks for your continued efforts!
  2. I see what you mean now. So the aircraft incorrectly passed some position (probably ownship at time of launch?). Got it, thanks!
  3. 2 years on and we seem to have a 'fix' for this. Now no bands work for ranging in A/A mode. Tanker TCN actions default to Bearing mode, but even if forced off (ie range and bearing), the station can only be tuned into in ground mode...
  4. The missile is launched mad dog from point blank range into the lead tanker, yet the trail tanker gets it...? Right after a missile patch? a likely story... Asking the author for the track now. Thanks for looking.
  5. Reproduction steps: launch in VIS mode - missile lofts behind you and homes in on whatever is available:
  6. very nice guide - been a user since your 16AGR version 1! Wanted to flag SA-3 range is listed as about 4miles more than in the sim. Actual range is about 9nm, though I can totally see the possibility of the missile extending out to 13nm when in pursuit, with all that fuel... Crucially, SA-6 range in the guide is correct, but when comparing those two systems in the sim, the SA-3 has crucially less range. Both can be easily destroyed with JDAMs, but effectively the SA-3 is a bit less scary than in the guide. attached is an SA-6 launch when SA-3 is still thinking about locking.
  7. Same problem here with all my paid modules deactivating on Steam. Repair doesn't help, it seems to be an auth server issue of some sort...
  8. Thanks again! Checking... 1: I have tried 10308 and I'm positive that 10311 isn't conflicting - since it's a brand new environment and others can easily browse and join my server without punching in the IP. It also appears in the ED browser https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/personal/server/#allservers 2: Port forwarding looks OK to me: UPnP values: manual forwards: 3 - yes, it's public 4 was the most intriguing, but I don't believe I'm doubleNAT'ed. The router connects directly to my fibre wallbox and its IPv4 is showing the same as shown in wtfismyip when opened from both my gaming rig and the server. and now, for a curve ball candidate number 5... the server runs on a bootcamped Mac Mini box - I wonder if something in the network driver layer is causing the issue - it only just occurred to me that when I've seen it appearing perfectly fine before, with the same router settings, was when the server was running on a native windows machine...
  9. thank you for your advice! Network discovery was indeed off on the server machine (or rather it was set to a public network type instead of a private one), but turning it on (checked pinging by hostname worked) did not bring the server into the browser. I can connect to it over LAN IP (and always could), but no joy on being able to add it to favourites. I wonder if there is a way to edit the favourites list manually somewhere in the config... NB: what does work, is I can now use the machine name to 'connect by ip', just adding the port number afterwards: so that is an improvement
  10. Last night I dropped 4 500lb JDAMs and proceeded to perform gun runs. Every time I used the CCIP gun pipper, it was pointing way too low (several degrees below the VV at all times, even at point blank range). The tracers were visibly moving a good 5-7 degrees further up from the pipper. Manual mode was elevated significantly higher, allowing for some accuracy (but obviously not as good as CCIP would have been). Attached is a track showing this happening - sorry, it is not short: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1dIGklOm31TnXo4DvQBaYeM9sXtyVohI_/view?usp=sharing I tried replicating this with an air started jet for a short track, but there were no JDAMs on the jet, and the behaviour did not occur, so don't have a shorter track to show.
  11. I see what you mean. NB: in the real jet, there is an engineering page you can turn on to see the current trim setting.
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