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  1. So I have an incoming PC with an Intel i9-10900 KF that I want to use for DCS in VR using an HP reverb G2. Originally it was going to have an RTX 3080, however due to a mistake by the seller, it is currently out of stock, so he's proposing to give me an RX 6900 XT instead for the same price. Would it be better to wait for the RTX 3080 for some weeks or accept the switch to the 6900 xt? Google searches have been inconclusive, some say that AMD has the edge, but NVIDIA is better in overall for VR in dcs, which makes me believe it should be almost the same. Any thoughts?
  2. Hi! I am currently having issues with DCSFlightpanels on IL2 Stalingrad. I hope it is not offtopic here in DCS forums. It used to work perfectly a couple of days ago (with the issue that it doesn't always recognize modifiers such as shift and only inputs the last letter) but now IL2 doesn't register the commands at all. The virtual keystrokes are being sent by DCSFP but Il2 does not get them. When I activate the switches anywhere I get the key presses. Even for engine start, which is E, when I press the specific switch, an E appears on everywhere, text file, virtual keyboards, the DCSFP logs, but in Il2 it doesn't do anything. When I press E on the physical keyboard, the engine does start. DCSFP is currently working in DCS. Have you ever had that happen to you?
  3. I set up the commands in the Stream Deck app, then go into IL2, click on to bind the action and then press the SD button. Some times for LShf+E, for example, it recognizes only E. I click on retry and press the SD button again, sometimes it is recognized as LShft+E. I repeat the cycle many times. On occasion I even get three Lshft+E in a row, then B, then LShf+B again and then only B five times straight. Something similar happens in DCS. If you press the SD button many times, it eventually registers correctly. I wonder why it happens. Do you believe we could contact SD support? Update: I opened windows virtual keyboard and left it open in the background. This incresed the chance of getting the correct input both in DCS and IL2 to about 60% up from 20 or so %. Odd
  4. Hi there, Any news? Im also trying to get Stream deck to work in IL2 with modifiers. So far I discovered that sometimes IL2 does get the Modifier+key input but most of the time it does not. It looks like its random, since most of the time it only recognizes the last key but every now and then it does recognize the combo.
  5. I wish to comment that this is the best campaign I have played in DCS or any other flight sim. The voice overs are great, the custom ATC, the varied missions makes this an incredible campaign that I am even eager to play again. Makes you feel like you are in an alive environment. That being said, unfortunately I ran into several issues, which are of course the fault of DCS, so not much to do there and thus they did not detract from my 100 review score.# The issues I had were Honestly, I just learned to fly the mirage after the amazing experience of Baltic Dragon's F15 c campaign in Georgia and now I am tempted to learn to fly the A10 just for its campaign :megalol: Looking forward for more of your campaigns Baltic Dragon, Cheers
  6. In the Red Flag SEAD mission, what does it meant "Strike Push Marshal 01:04:00 0.75 m"? Does it mean I have to loiter wp 4 until it's 01:04 and then head to wp 5 at .75 mach? Or that is the time when the strike package pushes and I am supposed to have killed the sams by then? And another question. What altitude should I be flying at? 30,000 Ft? Thanks
  7. I have tried to send you PMs, however whenever I send them I dont see them in my Sent Items Folder, so I don't know if they are getting through. Not sure if it's a problem on my side. In any case I have sent my email to nicholas.dackard@gmail.com Hope this helps
  8. So, should we try sending an email to someone else at leatherneck?
  9. Hi cobra, could you check if you received my email from monday, last week? Thanks
  10. I recently bought the Mig21 and suddenly it started to ask me for activation every day. I tried sending Cobra a PM to see if there is a fix available, since I can't be activating it everyday. I don't know what's triggering it. I only have one version of 1.5 and one of 2.0. I have a laptop so it's not like I am changing hardware, if anything I plug and unplug the hotas.
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