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  1. Verion I don't have it.......in the new patch I don't know
  2. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/2317118/
  3. Ah cavolo,ciao Veltro. Io ormai ho abbandonato definivamente IL-2 e volo con il Mirage fisso;-)
  4. Belle Conroy. Simulare la nostra Marina Militare sarà uno spettacolo
  5. Bellissimo video!!! Grazie Conroy
  6. razbam are a happy owner of the Mirage 2000 and is' fantastic. I suggest you seriously consider the development of the F-104. you'd have a huge user base. Sorry BAD english
  7. ok, it works ... just that you have to hold the trim in the pov long time. I thought fails to make the roll in this mode. however, now it 's clear. Thank you very much
  8. AP hired with the use pov hotas trim,perform only roll.
  9. How do you move the HSI green indicator to AP heading? Sorry, i have not yet figuret out how.
  10. I Confirm, what is written!
  11. Hallo Rlaxoxo, i saw the video to refluing and i would you a question: That joystik you have? I have a Warthog and i can not hold it! Setting and curves?
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