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  1. Set your rudder to +25 curve Set your cyclic to +30 curves in both axis and trim trim trim
  2. Probably a silly question, but could you advise where I find these charts please. Thank you
  3. Yep same problem, also can't engage heading or altitude hold and in general flying with no assistance it feels very unstable in general handling.
  4. i cant bind my wing sweep anymore or autopilot........shown with a red icon in the settings....therefore un flyable im using thrustmaster hotas
  5. Doesn't look very simple I can't work it out
  6. If u lower your rpm to much with gear up u get a horn sound which is meant to get your attention. Either put your gear down or increase revs
  7. What the Curtis electric or the hamilton
  8. Hi don't know if we already have them but could we have paddle blade props please.
  9. Hi Would it be possible to consider two new airfields for the Mosquito please? These are Gravesend and West Malling. These two would certainly add to the immersion with this great aircraft. Thank you.
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