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  1. У НАТО есть МиГ-29 США купили 20 из Молдовы никаких секретов о миг-29а нет, почему ASM не возможно?
  2. My only hope for FC4 is that it adds capable Russian/Redfor aircraft. If full fidelity is impossible for modern russian aircraft as has been hinted at plenty of times, then FC4 might be the only chance they have to make some russian planes.
  3. Me and my friends have been really liking this server but unfortunately it seems the web page is no longer working? Without the web page it is very hard to get an idea of the current situation. Any news on if you are working on brining it back up?
  4. Multiple reports on multiple servers. Yesterday I hit an F-15 with 4 R-60's all back to back, and he was undamaged. A guns burst ripped him apart. Today I hit another F-15 with a pair of R-60's from the SU-25A, zero damage. After one turn he hit me with an AIM-9 and died instantly. I also had a flight where in an Su-27 I was hit by 3 missiles in rapid succession, zero damage. One turn, R-73 killed the Mirage. I have recordings if needed.
  5. Something broke missiles in this patch. Yesterday I hit an F-15 with all 4 of my r60's, zero damage. Burst of cannon killed him. Just now i went head on with f-15 again, this time in an Su-25A and hit with both R-60's, zero damage. After one circle his AIM-9 killed me in one hit. Couple of days ago I was flying Flanker and got hit by 3 missiles, zero damage.
  6. Hmm, how did ED create its WWII modules without making a civilian prop plane first?? I don't understand how something like that could be possible :^)
  7. I don't see them making their money back on this. And with the amount of time it takes for modules to be made, I can't help but think they wasted a year or two on this, when they could have made something that people will actually buy.
  8. I hope you guy add Christen Eagle II slots to both sides. It would be also nice if you add aerobatics safe spaces, similar to have ground attackers have their own safe space. S!
  9. Can you put in your signature that you are payed by Eagle Dynamics please? I think its fair that we know.
  10. Did they really hype up an aerobatic bi-plane for Digital Combat Simulator? I refuse to believe that.
  11. MiG-29 got an update to the cockpit lighting, which is something I've been waiting for eagerly. The issue was that the instrument lighting and the flood light would both turn on, making flying at night almost impossible due to the brightness of the flood light. The latest update fixed this issue by only turning on instrument lighting, but this only works on the S. The MiG-29A's cockpit lighting looks totally wrong. I'm sure this is a bug but I'm not sure how it happened when the cockpits are identical. MiG-29S cockpit MiG-29A cockpit
  12. Can't wait for such landing physics in the MiG-29!!!!
  13. This aircraft setup is what I've wanted for literally 2 years now.... but not on Nevada. God damn it.
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