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    On the Amiga: F/A-18 Interceptor.
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  1. The subject of this thread states DCS version 1.2.3, is that the version you're installing? Please explain what you have done, your problem or where things go wrong :-)
  2. The Blue version of Ricardo+Devrim's HD cockpit comes in a JSGME-ready package ready to install. The procedure for manually installing is also described there and it is the same for the black cockpit (as far as I remember): http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?p=2022453#post2022453
  3. Thanks. Good to know that the d3d9.dll and dxgi.dll has not been updated from version 1.4 to 1.5.
  4. At least check two things: Laser should be in standby position (not OFF), target can be locked but it is not strictly necessary. At least be sure that the correct range is measured to target (digits displayed on lower part of shkval). For rockets you need to set the PPK-8 to the correct setting on the right back panel, just beside the pilot seat. Rockets requires some skill and are not considered precise like the cannon. Then of course wind will be a factor as well as helicopter movement. Do you use the autopilot to maintain hover?
  5. Please be precise on what you post when posting binary files on forum. You have named the file as if it was version 1.5.1, which it is not. It is SweetFX version 1.4 from last year by Boulatour2024. Same as PeterP has posted on this forum last year. As one can read on the guru3d forums 1.5.1 is not compatible with x64 executables yet. http://www.guru3d.com/files_details/sweetfx_shader_suite_download.html
  6. That one seems to be fixed, no need to lose hope yet! ;-)
  7. File is located here: ...\DCS World\Mods\aircrafts\Ka-50\Cockpit\Scripts\ControlsIndicator\ControlsIndicator_page.lua
  8. Ok, that sounds quite strange, but don't give up just yet! It sounds like something happens when you activate the profile with Helios Control Center. Maybe it is something with the profile that makes you unable to click the menus? If using Capt. Zeen's profile, maybe try out another profile? You could also try to download it again, reset monitors, and then save the profile. What version of Helios are you using? (Helios Profile Editor -> Help -> About) Latest version is, available from gadrocsworkshop.com.
  9. I haven't owned the X-52 myself. I have re-greased my Warthog stick twice since autumn 2010, so it will turn 4 years this autumn. The stickiness haven't got better or worse during its life, but I might not have noticed the change. As far as I remember it took a while to get used to the strong centering force of the stick with no extension (read: your arm will probably hurt, especially if the stick is placed on a desk. Ideally your forearm should probably be level when holding the stick). The extension does reduce the stickiness and makes the centering force softer. It is no problem to use it for precise movement with extension. No problem at all just to move them forward, but you have to lift them when moving them from IDLE to OFF. Currently the first batch is sold out, so for the moment only available for pre-order. It is made in Russia, and possible to order from http://flightsimcontrols.com/.
  10. Good point about the price. It is really a pity that the Warthog has a plastic gimbal and the Mamba a plastic handle. You must combine the two to get the best i guess ;-) I saw this scary picture of a broken Warthog plastic gimbal (not for the faint of heart): http://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/showthread.php?t=5957#20
  11. Also using the Warthog stick and it is fine for the KA-50. I would recommend extending it no matter what to fly with it. No that is not the problem, I would say that the 'stickiness' is the most prominent problem with this stick. That can be reduced with new lube. I must admit, that this looks quite interesting in comparison, but no throttle: http://flightsimcontrols.com/store/joysticks/vkb-black-mamba-light-joystick-for-eu-customers/
  12. Sounds good - would love to use the PVI from my phone! :-)
  13. Ok, included them, but both TARS and TACView already installs separate scripts as I recall it and will need other files installed as well.
  14. When you have installed the script manually don't use the setup button from Helios Profile Editor, as it will overwrite it. Just fire up the profile from the control center.
  15. I guess no problems caused and sorry for acting as forum-policeman! I have it working here, and currently I have renamed Loophole's script to HELIOS.lua and then it is called from Export.lua. Both placed in ...\Saved Games\Scripts. My Export lua looks like this, but I have commented TARS and TACView out (also attached): -- This is an export stub generated by the TARS Control Panel. -- The old Export file is now located in $DCSINSTALLDIR/Scripts/Export.lua local default_output_file = nil function LuaExportStart() end function LuaExportBeforeNextFrame() end function LuaExportAfterNextFrame() end function LuaExportStop() if default_output_file then default_output_file:close() default_output_file = nil end end function LuaExportActivityNextEvent(t) local tNext = t return tNext end -- Combined A-10C and KA-50 HELIOS export script by Loophole. -- Thread: http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=97222 dofile(lfs.writedir()..'Scripts\\HELIOS.lua') -- TACView export script --local Tacviewlfs=require('lfs');dofile(Tacviewlfs.writedir()..'Scripts/TacviewExportDCS.lua') -- TARS export script --dofile(lfs.writedir().."Scripts\\TARSExport.lua") Export.zip TacviewExportDCS.zip TARSExport.zip
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